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  1. I'm sure no one here remembers old PeppermintKisses, but I have been listening to this album at least three times a day this past week so I had to pop in and see how everyone is enjoying it after such a long wait. I think this album is insanely good! Better Than Me and I'm Gonna Love You are my current favorites. I made sure to say "current" because give it another week and I'll probably be in love with two completely different songs I hope everyone is doing well!
  2. I regret to say that I only managed to get a few really crappy shots on my iphone. I went with the intention of taking more but I failed. I just feel that when I spend too much time taking videos or photos, I'm missing the show because I'm so distracted and focused on trying to get a good shot. Doesn't help that I think David's so adorable, I'd rather not be watching him through a screen. I thought my sister would take some videos since she was filming the opening act Satellite while they were on stage. Turns out that was only because she was amused by the lead singer's creepiness.
  3. I've been absent for a looooong time but I had to pop in to say that I was at this show last night and it was awesome! I guess the guys have been battling the flu, but it didn't show. The boys played great, Dave and Andy's voices were spot on, and I love the new songs. Particularly "Eyes on You" and "I'm Gonna Love You" (I think those are the song titles). Highlights of the show for me were Dave's cover of Chris Isaack's "Wicked Game" (totally brilliant, haunting, and beautiful) and his acoustic "Fade into Me" which he ended with...MAGIC RAINBOWS! The audience definitely got a kick out of that. He was rolling his eyes as he sang the first verse There was also a point during the show when a woman told him to sing "Always Be My Baby". Without missing a beat, Dave just says "No." Then he proceeds to sing (to the tune of ABMB) about how he'll never sing that song again, Idol was five years ago. I love David's shows. They're always so much fun, especially when he's feeling goofy :DI had a friend with me who had watched and loved him on American Idol, but this was her first show. After the concert she just turned to me and went "HE'S AWESOME!" I smiled and nodded. A new cult member! I'm praying a new album comes out sooner than "soon", because I'm loving David's new material.
  4. I haven't posted here in ages, and I hate to say it but...this: It is just a snippet, so maybe once I've heard the song in it's entirety I'll feel differently. But I'm not wowed. I want to be wowed. Cover photo is handsome, though.
  5. If your asking if I want to know what kind of hemorrhoid cream Dave buys at the store, the answer is yes. Obviously. Who wouldn't want to know that?
  6. What the heck is he wearing?? That was my first thought. It's pretty bad. My second thought was how much I miss his hair and how the new hair is well...pretty bad.
  7. Mods, feel free to delete this if it doesn't belong here. I just want to invite you all to check out my new blog as well as a short story I'm writing on Twitter. The blog is nothing impressive yet (I'm still testing the waters) but it will be dedicated to book reviews and recommendations. So far I've reviewed the first two books in the "scandalous" Fifty Shades of Grey series. Eventually I'll include some original work. The short story I'm writing on Twitter is thriller/romance and I update it at least twice a day. My dream is to write a novel and get it published. So I'm starting out small to see if I have what it takes. Please check out my sites and let me know what you think! Honest opinions. Even if they're harsh, I can handle it. Thanks guys My Twitter Page My Blog
  8. I agree with you, Stacy. I wouldn't classify the last two songs Dave's released as "rock" either. I think FHTZ is a pretty little song but it's boring. I love TLSIWFY but even that is a bit mellow. Rock music is about grit and edge. It's the uptempo edge that his newer music is lacking. Analog Heart remains my favorite David Cook album. You have songs like "The Truth" and "Makeover" which are melodic but powerful. Then you have "Straight Ahead" and "Let Go" which are upbeat and very rock and roll. "This Loud Morning" is a good, solid album but the more I listen to it, the more the songs all start to sound the same. They're soft and more pop than rock. Now we have his two most recent songs which both have a similar sound. Dave says he's moving in a different direction but I have yet to hear a difference. It's still early though, so those two songs may not even appear on the next album. Hopefully that missing edge will surface on his next record. If not, he should just label himself as a pop artist. And I'd be fine with that. Rock, Pop, Country, Reggae...I couldn't care less what genre of music Dave decides to cover; I'm a fan for life who'll buy any music he puts out. I just don't want to get my hopes up for some loud, head banging rock and roll tunes and only get light, albeit romantic (because the guy is a total romantic ) love ballads. I also want an album with some UMPH!
  9. Oh man this song is amazing! IMO one of Dave's best. If every song on his next album is as good as this one, it's gonna be a hit.
  10. After listening to the longer snippet...I absolutely LOVE it! Definitely more rock than many of his other ballads. Now it's going to feel like an eternity waiting for tomorrow night.
  11. Yep! Dave said he played the song for Andrew and the crowd responded with "Awwwwwww", so Andy goes "is that pity for Andrew?"
  12. Agreed. I was hoping the song would have more edge. It sounds like a nice song, though; can't wait to hear the entire thing
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