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  1. I agree, this time on stage he was absolutely "self confidence" and the song was amazing..... his voice stunning. About the standing O I thing in this last years has lost the real value.... so for me never mind he didn't get one especially from the red X. I downloaded from iTunes some " LML" because I really like this song. it put me on good mood. Only thing I didn't like from the performance was David's hair a sorta of rockabilly LOL
  2. Hi girls, long time since my last visit here. New music from David finally!! I listened to the long snippet and I absolutely LOVE the song ( I am addicted ! lol ) and yes, for me, his voice is better than before. will the song be also on itunes? and someone can tell me if there will be a link to watch his performance on AI? Kisssssssseeeeeeesssssssss
  3. thanks girls, the calendar is gorgeouse. all the pics are wonderful!
  4. Stacy I loved so much Patrick Rafter and his serve and volley.
  5. yesterday: @andyskib Hey @thedavidcook, I know you're getting super excited! “@thekillers: 4 days... #BattleBorn”
  6. And David does not seem a little tan?
  7. Lisa, thanks for you pic..... very intersting!!
  8. There are no words. Just sounds. GAH? One of the most beautiful pics of him
  9. David Cook PinoyFans ‏@COOKistas ANNOUNCED LAST NIGHT! David Cook LIVE in Manila! July 14, 2012 Araneta Coliseum by @Dayly_Ent | @ManilaConcerts @thedavidcook David Cook PinoyFans ‏@COOKistas Note in response to queries: The David Cook Manila concert was announced last night before the start of the Lifehouse concert at the Araneta
  10. @FoolsApril64: [FYI] David Cook THE LAST SONG I'LL WRITE FOR YOU No. 1 iTunes Rock (New Zealand) bit.ly IWMeD8 (w/thx2 @nyanyanie)
  11. @thedavidcook Thank you guys SO much for the TTs love!! You're Awesome!!!
  12. this was on Twitter. One of the most beautiful I 've ever seen.
  13. @thedavidcook Thx everyone for the kind words re: the new single! Let's keep the momentum! Get "The Last Song I'll Write For You" on iTunes and Amazon!!!
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