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  1. I agree with everyone, the lighting was very difficult! I was like flash on, flash off, hold the button, rapid shoot lol I was all over the place and probably shot over 200 photos to get the decent ones I did get. Thanks for everyone else sharing their pictures I REALLY wish I had bought tickets for Cleveland or Cincinnati now
  2. his name is Johan, my best friend met him after Dave's set. and yes he was HOT, I'm throughly looking forward to that eyecandy again in a few weeks in Cleveland and Cincy I'm just now uploading my photos and should have them posted soon. Johan is the keyboard player... he was OK.... but Rickard, the guitarist is HOT lol
  3. EVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! lol Ok... so last year in Cleveland at HOB, I brought these light up gloves, they have LED lights at the finger tips and just as he was getting ready to perform light on, all the lights went off and I found this to be a great time to stick my hands in the air all lit up and he stops singing and asks me "what are those alien gloves you're wearing?" well it happened to be my birthday so the ONLY thing I could think to yell back was "ITS MY BIRTHDAY!!" he said "It's your birthday? please tell me that's not the only thing you got for your birthday" and I just laughed and he continued on "I mean it's not even winter, so it's just kind of weird, that's all I'm sayin.." it was pretty funny. Then after the show, I saw him outside and he was trying to tell me how it reminded him of this Nicole Kidman movie but he couldn't think of the name of it and that it would have been funnier if he could remember what he was trying to think of. NOWW, fast forward a year later and I decided the gloves needed to make a reappearance so I brought them first to soundcheck and just lit one up and put it in the air and he looks over and says "those are just some funky gloves you've got there" and I just laughed and then he says "Can I see one?" so I walked up and handed it to him and he said "Can I keep it?" I said yes and he proceeded to try it on and he said "My hand is too big, I feel like I'm going to break it.. oh well, but thank you anyway" and he threw it back to me and I said thank you and he said "No, thank you!" so then at the meet and greet, I had them on and he just kept laughing at them and I asked him if he remembered them from last year in Cleveland and he told me yes and I asked him if he ever remembered the Nicole Kidman movie he was talking about and he said "no, I was probably drunk that night" haha, he is so unsensored. So I told him next time I saw him that I would bring him some "man size" gloves and he's pretty excited about that. So yeah, that's the story and EVE, YOU ARE AWESOME!!
  4. I don't have one, but I am pretty sure that *someone* in my group got a pic of him with it on. That would be so awesome if someone did thank you!
  5. Thanks Jeannie! I told him next time I will bring him some "man size" gloves lol. I wish I was going to another show! May I also add.... the guitarist, Rickard I think is his name, from Carolina Liar... he is HOT lol
  6. Did anyone get a picture of David trying to put on my glove at Soundcheck? A girl that was at the show got one and I gave her my email but she hasn't sent it to me... I really want to see a picture, it was funny
  7. Ok.. these are the last ones... sorry if there were too many! I tried to only pick my favorites lol
  8. could someone pretty please make me an avi with this picture?? I don't know how to do it lol I will post more pics in just a few minutes... just resizing
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