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  1. OMG Hammond show was literally the best night of my life!!! I got to meet the guys for the first time!!! I got a hug from David and it was awesome!! He noticed my sign during the concert!!! He also signed it after the show too!! My friend was actually the one who asked him about "Make Believe". That show was just amazing!! We were 5th row center on David!! I also got David's guitar pick!! Just an amazing night!! We also got the whole album from start to finish! Permanent was amazing I almost cried!! Make Believe is a great song I love it! He also finished out his set in the audience at the back of the venue. He played Straight Ahead last! I just cant believe I met him and the boys! Great way to end the tour for me!!
  2. Just got home from Peoria and let me tell you last night was awesome!!! Me and my friend had great seats , 5th row Andy side!! We got to meet GRO again and also met the Script afterwards which was awesome!!! The Greenman thing was hilarious, I believe it is totally David as Greenman, just from being there and seeing him it is totally him!! The show was great but a little sad that it is my last show for the tour but happy cause I got to meet him and the boys the night before! After the show I went up by the stage and I got Andy's setlist and I got three of the balls that were thrown on the stage! One of the best nights of my life!
  3. Thats an awesome article!! I cant wait for the Hammond show I will be there!!
  4. Wow it was an amazing show!! Me and my friend were 5th row Andy side! GRO was awesome!! We got to meet them after the show and they are really nice guys!! The Script was good too! David and the guys were amazing!! The only bad was that I have already seen him perform H4T before and kinda wished he would have performed IJDIYAT but it was an awesome performance either way!! The bear banter was hilarious and so was the banter about the boots!! My favorite part was I got to see him perform Straight Ahead! I have always wanted to see him perform that song and he did!! Also TIB was amazing too! I actually forgot my camera in my moms car on the way up to Milwaukee so my friend lent me hers so she has all the pictures. Amazing show!!!
  5. ^Thats Awesome!!!Hope you get to go!!! Good luck on getting good tickets too!! I finally convinced my parents to let me go for my bday and I am so excited for this show!! I am hoping me and my friend get good tickets on Friday!!
  6. It is assigned seating I believe according to the email I got!
  7. ^Totally agree!!! I almost wanna go drive to Missouri for this show but I am going to the WI show the next day!!
  8. thats awesome its on my bday too and I cant go either cause its too far away
  9. Thats the day after my 21st birthday soooooo excited!!!!!!!!!
  10. YAY for an Illinois date but dont know if I can go yet..Im going to the one in Hammond but gonna try to convince my parents to let me go to Peoria too!!My 21st bday is right around there so I am hoping that they will let me go for my bday!!!
  11. I really wanna go to this one!!! I am pretty sure I am gonna go!! I tried to asking my parents to go to the Elizabeth one but its too far away for me but this one is about an hour away from me and I will turn 21 eight days before this!!
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