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  1. Yes, I believe so. It's supposed to impact radio on Sept. 13. And trust me, if you see him perform that song live, it will knock you on your ass. There's not one song on that album that I don't like...and that's rare.
  2. Here ya go...make sure you watch in HD! "Last Train Home" - Baton Rouge "Breathe" - Baton Rouge (sorry, my cam totally picked up this dude singing behind me, who was also an uber David Cook fanboy. Whoa.) "Back of Your Car" - Baton Rouge (complete w/ camera hand-off fail between Ryan and me...we suck. LOL) "Start a Fire" - New Orleans "Back of Your Car" - New Orleans Oh, and I think someone mentioned that Start a Fire would make a great single...I believe it's set to impact on radio Sept. 13, so be sure to call and request it when the time's right!!
  3. Hey all - it's been a while...but I got to see Ryan perform this weekend. Absolutely no words...this guy is incredible. I loved him from Rock Star: Supernova and then lost track of him until "Last Train Home" turned up on the P.S. I Love You soundtrack (just happened to get that CD in the mail to review for a website I worked for). Then, lo and behold, he turns up as Dave's opener. Anyways, the whole weekend was amazing. Got to talk to him a bit both nights and had some special moments. Again, just amazing. You can find some pics from the New Orleans show on my TwitPic account here - http://www.twitpic.com/photos/redefiningme I haven't been able to stop listening to this CD since I got it. "Losing Your Memory" has always been my favorite Ryan song...also, LOVE "Gonna Make It Right" on the iTunes deluxe version. Will post some vids in a second...
  4. The Baton Rouge one was mine...my first time seeing Dave live.
  5. E Online has already revised their article to read... "out came Kelly Clarkson, followed by almost every other Idol winner ( David Cook was doing a charity event) and a bunch of finalists from seasons past." I'm sure most media outlets will follow suit.
  6. Thanks for checking...replying from my phone so it's a lot slower to look stuff up. LOL. Matt is one of my fave producers, and I always hoped Dave would eventually work with him...glad to see it sooner rather than later!
  7. Matt Serletic is an AMAZING producer and very reputable. I think he's the perfect producer for the sound Dave is going for. And if I remember right, he produced Ryan Star's upcoming album, 11:59.
  8. Since we all love smiley Dave, here's one I took at RFH. He always has a great vibe about him...good energy.
  9. Woke up, read those tweets and knew who Detlef Schrempf was without looking it up. Gosh, how sad am I? LOL.
  10. Had to smile when I saw this. Alan and his family donated to my RFH fundraising page and then tweeted it to all of their friends and posted it on FB. Alan's wife, Ashlee, and I went to high school together, and she saw one of my FB posts about it and they jumped at the chance to help. Don't know how much Dave actually follows UFC, but I know that Andrew is a fan of Alan's. So cool of them to not only donate, but help spread the word while Alan was concentrating on his training for tonight's fight against Cote (which he won, by the way! So proud to see his hard work pay off).
  11. Ryan was AMAZING in Arlington on Sunday. Here's one of the vids I took (the other two are Breathe and Sink or Swim)...it's taking a while for them to load, so I'll have to upload the rest tomorrow.
  12. It's amazing how many people will step up and give when you just ask. My original goal was a lofty $1,000...then I upped it to $2,000. I come back to the hotel tonight and find my total at $2,517.50. A local business owner made a generous $250 donation in honor of Sophia. I've had 66 friends and family members donate to find a cure for brain cancer. It's definitely already an emotional weekend for me. Now that I'm in the quiet of my hotel room, it just gives you time to think about the enormity of this cause. And think about little girls, like Sophia, who shouldn't EVER have to live a life like this. How no one EVER should.
  13. Looking forward to this weekend. My grandfather...my friend's mother-in-law...my friend's granddaughter...all died of brain cancer. My friend's friend is battling brain cancer. And a little 7-year-old girl in my community, Sophia, is battling a DIPG inoperable brain tumor diagnosed in August 2009 (you can see a pic of her on my fundraising page here). The median overall survival rate for children diagnosed with a DIPG is 9 months. Her last MRI showed that her tumor has...SHRUNK!! That is why donations are so important. It funds clinical trials like the one she is undergoing...it gives her and her entire family HOPE. I just got back from visiting Sophia. Absolutely heartbreaking. She is so swollen from the treatments that she is almost unrecognizable. She's struggling with some major side effects right now, but the news that the tumor has shrunk is such a blessing. If you see someone running/walking with hot pink nails on Sunday, that's me...that's Sophia's fave color. It's gonna be an emotional weekend indeed. See you all there.
  14. I've been putting a link to my RFH page in my FB status and the little box under your profile pic on FB. Changed my profile pic to the one of David and me from the Ezra Open. I've posted it on Twitter. On my birthday (March 11), I sent out a message to all of my FB friends asking them to help me celebrate my 30th by donating to help find a cure for brain cancer. My grandfather died of brain cancer and there's a little girl in my community who is battling a rare brain tumor, so this cause is very personal to me. Last week, I sent an email to everyone in my address book with pretty much the same message that I sent on FB. My personal goal was $1,000. Right now, I'm up to $1,100 and counting! You'll be surprised who will step up and donate if you just put it out there. I've had people that I haven't talked to in years donate. And then I told everyone that even if they can't donate, pass it on to 10 friends and have them do the same, etc. I got a $50 donation from a friend of a friend...someone I've never met. I'm also sending out thank-you emails and mailing personal thank you notes to everyone who has donated to show how much we appreciate it because every dollar matters.
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