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  1. I super super super love these 2 He looked wonderful I am already starting to like the damn flower
  2. Just like I said It is good to know that I am not the only one waiting for ROCK songs, it must be something to do with the 'idol' world and 19 records. Maybe after all they are doing whatever they want with Dave and the music and the songs he 'choose' Anyways I did like a lot the snippets
  3. i sent a few, but damn! I am not sure if i am doing it correct Sorry, sounds dumb, but I am new with this Twitter thing. I just have to go to my twitter account and put @RobKruz and my question, right?
  4. Would it be true that some of these songs are old, even before idol... We know for sure that Souvenir and Honest are, but the other ten? I know that David said that, but I doubt that he'd admit that all those songs are part of the new CD, in case they are. They are great anyways, beautiful songs. But I am still waiting for more like KOTN and BBS
  5. Yes, it is going to be very hard to survive once the tour is over But the good thing is that they will come back with great songs, a new tour, new videos, etc, etc.... Anyways I think that Dave and the boys will stay in touch with us
  6. thanks to the amazing Piper I was able to listen the songs They were great... but I love Quietly and Remind Me
  7. Oh my God! That was hilarious You just made my WHOLE day with this
  8. the damn necklace again!! i am sure he already knows our opinion about it and he wore it intentionally, just to give us something to talk about... it is really disturbing
  9. If they are rough demos...I can imagine the final versions would probably kill me... 0:30 of Maybe Tonight almost did it !!! where the f**k are those 30 seconds? i am totally lost as always i want to listen it please..... help me
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