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  1. omg i got an email that someone posted in here and actually had to do a double-take, haha! hey alex! i'm sosososo excited for the album too
  2. awwwww jayda i just got an email notification that someone posted here and was like WUTTT
  3. well yeah. i mean, i don't wanna post it right here for everyone to see, lol
  4. maybe we should make a thread on fb or something for it. or on here... doesn't matter to me.
  5. yeah, it's cheaper that way. alsoooo it's good for us because we're just going to the shore right afterward until the end of the weekend! so much time! and thanks alyssa (: also, i just wanna say i love all you guys. you all are amazing and awesome and all that good stuff, so i don't leave stuff unsaid <3
  6. hahaha it's all good! you play the flute, right? or am i totally off? haha! our prom is next thursday, june 3rd I'M SO FREAKING EXCITED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! <3 oh and also... my graduation speech made it to the final round of judging!!! i'm SOOOOOO excited but i have to speak it in front of a panel tomorrow (AHH) and then they decide. i'm nervous!
  7. ahhhhh yay tori!!! and thanks tori! hahah yep, i play the bassoon. and i used to play the saxophone (mostly for marching band)
  8. hi!!!!! thank you SO much marley! i really, really, REALLY appreciate that! <3 YEAH FREEDOM. that's so exciting and ohmygod alyssa, that's hilarious!
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