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  1. A Daily AntheM +1 Rolling in the Deep +1 Bar-Ba-Sol -2
  2. Gossip Girl. Ed Westwick himself is my guilty pleasure. It comes back on tonight! Four episodes left until the season finale!
  3. OMG! This information was truly a life saver for me this morning. I'm suffering from chronic stress, anxiety, and panic disorder. This morning I prayed for something that would make me happy to take away from the stress, and approximately seven seconds later, this came up on my Facebook feed. Truly a sign. I was in tears. So happy to finally have a date. LOVE the album cover.
  4. Last month when I sick and stuck in the house, I read every Nicholas Sparks book ever made. All I can say is that they definitely aren't overrated. If you haven't read them, or you've only seen the movies, I definitely recommend the books. The titles that aren't as popular, such as 'The Choice,' and 'Message in a Bottle' and 'The Guardian' are really great. Even though most of them are sad, I felt like I actually got something out of each of them. They are also really well-written. So if you're in the mood for an emotional roller coaster, I'd recommend any one of his books. If you're in the mood for a lighter story, I would not suggest them as they are all fairly tragic. I haven't managed to read his newest book, however, I think the title is 'Safe Haven'? My mother said that one is unusually happy compared to most of his writing...
  5. Stacy, I have an Android and I will be there. I would be glad to help stream if it is still needed. So excited! Can't believe this is only a few days away. I'm getting to Vegas on Thursday night, because I don't have school on Friday. I am so excited to see David and everyone that is going! It has been way too long!
  6. Wow, Kateland! That's incredibly awesome! So happy for you HEY! I just noticed! Kateland's back! Weve been worried about you. Good to see you! Yes! I'm still here! I've missed you guys so much! I've just been so busy this year, it's my junior year of HS and I've been out for over a month now really sick. Fortunately though I'm finally starting to get better now. I've missed you all!!! I can't wait to see you guys again once tour starts!
  7. I can't BELIEVE this. of all the places he could possibly have a show! I'm pretty much in tears right now. I'm moving to Las Vegas at some point next month, not sure when...But my mother recently got married and my stepfather lives there because he's under contract for another year...so right now they both live there together. I've been living here on the East Coast still with my grandmother for the past while...But I'm moving to LV next month...Which means, since this is on a Saturday, it will be SUPER easy for me to fly down there. And I won't even miss any school! I'm in shock...cannot believe this. It works so perfectly... Wow. I'm almost in tears. This is so close to now. Just about a month! I'm surprised.
  8. Hi... Miss you guys! Last night my boyfriend and 'first real love' and I broke up. We were only together for about three months but I came to care for him and be so close to him that he was also my best friend. I was already battling some rough stages in my life when he moved here all the way from Oregon, I met him, and we fell in 'young' love. He became my everything. We would talk about forever and even though I know it's only high school, I believed him. We were the sweetest couple. The closest friends...our families loved each other...He was so sweet to me and I would have given a kidney for him. But the past few weeks, he's been acting different. We had our first fight about two weeks ago and it was just him saying he didn't know what was going on in his life right now, blahblahblah. He sounded crazy but the next day he apologized and everything was worked out. Last night we had homecoming and afterwards I texted him telling him that I felt like he didn't even care about me anymore. I did it only to reassure myself, because I knew he would just say he was sorry and all would be well... It wasn't. He started the same 'I don't know' stuff. I called him and he proceeded to yell at me, telling me people change. And that he can't handle 'us' right now. I was so confused because I honestly can't remember ever doing anything wrong. Finally, feeling the weakest I've ever felt in my entire life...I asked him if he still loved me. At first he said he didn't know, and then eventually I got the dreaded answer out of him. It was like he was a different person than the sweet Gabriel I knew. Not even my friend anymore. But cold, and hardened, and...different. I'm hurting so much. I hate high school. I've always been different from other teenagers. I don't give into pressure or sex or drugs or alcohol and I have really good morals. I usually try not to even get into cute relationships like this because this type of hurting and heartbreak is what I'm afraid of the most in life...so why did I have to give into love? I wish I never had. I can handle the fact that he doesn't want to be with me. That part I can move on with. But what I can't take is the memories. The times when we sat there staring into each other's eyes like mature adults and laughing and kissing and him telling me he loved me repeatedly and that nothing would ever change over and over and over. The smiling...being happy and in love...those are the things that are haunting me. I can't take it and I honestly feel like throwing up. I just want to feel okay again. Thank you so much for reading that to anyone that does. I know it probably sounds like just your average teenage heartbreak. Maybe it is. *sigh* I'm also dealing with some family problems and well, this was the only thing holding me together. It really was. I even tried telling me that and he accused me of guilt tripping him. :/ Whatever. You guys are what really matters. Sometimes I feel like you're all I have left.
  9. Hi!!! I've been really great lately, just a little tied up with well, you know high school...and a new lil job I landed recently. But now that it's winter break, I'm back in the zone. :] I've missed you MORE!
  10. I know I haven't been on here in a while but I just wanted to say hi to everyone and that I signed the card!!! Nice cake btw. Love you guys. Happy Happy Birthday to Davidddd!!!
  11. That is so neat!!! What an awesome idea! &It's very well-made, too. Every holiday needs to have a little bit of David in it, haha. :]
  12. Thanks so much, Karen! :] My heart still hasn't slowed down... [Then again, I AM only 16.] :] I HAVE met Andrew. A little bit in NY. It was for a brief second, and it was also a very awkward-but-sweet encounter. Basically, we were waiting in line to get into Regis&Kelly to see David in NY [we didn't even know for sure if he was going to be taping it that day, just an educated guess,] and all of a sudden I see a vested figure coming gradually closer from about an eighth of a mile away. I tapped Liv [she's my best friend, on this board somewhere], and was like IT'S ANDREW!!! THAT'S ANDREW!!! I flailed and giggled until he got close enough to notice my manic behavior, and then I said, 'HI, Andrew!!!!' With an unbelievably ecstatic expression. He waved casually, half-smiled, and kept walking. So I turned to him after he'd already passed me, and said, 'Can I have a hug?!?!?!' His phone started ringing, he hesitated, and my heart practically sunk at the thought of rejection. But, being the sweetheart he is, he looked right at me, said 'Sure,' and gave me the cutest little hug ever. Also, now that I think about it, the day before was the Meet&Greet with David at JC Penny's. Andrew was at that, too. Standing in line I noticed him, and I remember being really happy that he was there. Though I was blatantly more into David, talking to him, and showing him the scrapbook I made for him, when it was Liv's turn to talk with David, I remember waving to Andrew, exchanging smiles, and then later saying 'Bye, Andrew!!!' as we left. Then, since nobody was allowed to take actual full on pictures WITH David at that M&G, my mom took pictures from behind, which actually came out pretty cute. As we looked back at them that night, we found Andrew was creeping in EVERY. SINGLE. ONE. There are ones of David looking at my scrapbook, and Andrew is like leaning over his shoulder to peer...and David doesn't even know, which is the funniest part. I'm in them too, but my face isn't visible, since they're taken mostly from the back. So yes, I have met Andrew. Legit picture? Not yet. I really hope so someday, though! Feel free to message me on here or twitter if you ever want to talk, hear more stories, share yours, or even see any of those/my pictures! I love talking about my memories and hearing all of yours-- especially now, while there's not a lot going on! Alright, sorry for filling you guys up with my Andrew tales! Haha. My stories are long... Continue with the twitterness, shall we?
  13. David's such a trip! Have you guys noticed these 'twitter banters' only happen with HIM?!?! Hahaha. He's so loveable...but then again, we already knew that. :] Also...Andrew's tweet to me yesterday. My heart pretty much melted. He's such a sweetheart! I don't think there's much else I would've rather been tweeted aside from in a perfect world where David confesses his love for me! Haha. I'm so happy!!! It's funny how something so small can make somebody so incredibly happy and off-the-walls excited...I love being a part of this family, and I am more thankful for it each day. I love YOU GUYS, I love THE GUYS. I love DAVID. And twitter just makes it THAT much more fun. :]
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