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  1. Yes thank you everyone involved! It's great to be able to experience the shows from across the world lol.
  2. Thanks for the recap. Sounds like it was a pretty awesome day for everyone.
  3. Loving the love today Looking forward to seeing more pics and vids.
  4. I had to watch that a couple of times to take in that he was actually here lol. I love that he had the guts to do it in front of all those people though haha.
  5. Travel is expensive and I can't really go up by myself just in the hope of seeing him. London's a big place lol. I just want him to book some shows.
  6. LOL, I wish. I was just saying how awesome it would be if he did a couple of intimate shows here, like the grey snail one.
  7. I'm like 2 hours from London! So near yet so far lol.
  8. Great pics everyone! I just finished watching all of the vids, love it! Can't wait to see these guys in person! One day it will happen!
  9. Have fun guys! Won't be able to cellcast as it'll be 5am here but hoping there will be some videos up tomorrow.
  10. Hey Pam! I haven't been here for ages either.
  11. I don't know if anyone noticed I've been a little absent lately, but watching those vids made me go all gooey again!
  12. Merry Christmas all! Hope everyone has a great day!
  13. Amazingly written Kateland, are you sure you're 15? Because I certainly can't write that well haha.
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