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  1. Is it ok if I post my "Meet and Greet" picture with David here? Spoiler: ^^BEST moment of my life I'll never forget! BTW, here are some of my favorite shots I took during his concert in Manila. waaaah! He's AMAZING! He performed 18 songs (no RHWY though w/c is my favorite ) and I'm glad that I know all of them. I just can't explain the feeling! It's been a week now. I'm soo happy! I hope he'll come back again soon! Check them all out here - click!
  2. Hello. I won a Meet and Greet pass. Finally I'm gonna meet him personally. Dreams really do come true. aaaah
  3. Here's the venue (Smart Araneta Coliseum). I got the Patron VIP (Php 4,770/$109) Hi Made! I'll try my best to get some good pics/vids.
  4. @thedavidcook Having a post-rehearsal beverage with @montyanderson, talking about the new batch of covers. Nice! (said in Borat voice)
  5. The Walmart Soundcheck Videos are up - CLICK! the playlist: Circadian Take Me As I Am Paper Heart Time Marches On The Last Goodbye Interview
  6. A Daily Anthem +2 Permanent -1 Mr. Sensitive -1
  7. I love Mr. Sensitive to bits! MP3 made by imogen - Mr. Sensitive Live Acoustic @ Sophie's Lounge 103.7
  8. WOW! just WOW. Light On Check it out! posted by Qvidclips
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