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  1. I think you've mistaken, I'm looking for the cupid. :Oops:
  2. Sent 2x999 for dwarf 3 and 7. Thanks.
  3. Thanks, but I think I came in too late. Still looking
  4. What level is your pet? I can't find you on my neighbor list.
  5. No sorry I don't have any extra tiger plushie, I'll let you know if I get one tho. How much would you like for the bear?
  6. Actually I just got a tiger plushie, thank you anyway. Still looking for the bear tho.
  7. Can you tell me what level you are please? Also I think I'll just take the dwarf 3 and 7. Item received and sent. Thanks.
  8. I've just sent you a PM. Thanks.
  9. Ill take the dwarf 6 for 1x999. Will send payment as soon I get the chance. Thanks.
  10. Items received thank you. Items received thank you.
  11. That sounds great! I will send as soon as I have some free time. Edit: Sent item Deal! Sent friend request.
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