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  1. Hi! Would somebody share the new tracks of the Walmart Edition? I'm still waiting for my Deluxe Version to arrive but I think It will take some time to get to Spain... I don't have the opportunity by now to buy the Walmart edition and I can't wait to listen to the new songs... Anybody pleaseee?? On the other hand... Incredible album. This is my favourite so far. My faves are: Heartbeat, Criminals, Broken windows, Better than me and From there to Zero. Better than my is so different I love it.
  2. Well I just want to thank you all for your help during the last few months about the tickets, the shows... Thank you so much. Yesterday I atended my first and possibly my last DC show and it was amazing, really really awesome. I finally met him so I am really happy. I told him I travelled from Spain to San Diego just for the show and he was shocked... he was really nice with all of us. Without a doubt, one of my best concerts ever.
  3. I have VIP for San Diego's show but I don't know anything yet. What time do I have to be there?? Don't know how it works exactly...
  4. Does anybody know how many VIP tickets they use to sell in every show?
  5. Hi! How are you all?? Im looking for some of the covers or new songs that David used to play in the last shows because I want to know every song of the show. Do you have 'Carry you', 'Kiss & tell', 'Eyes on you' and 'Wicked Game'?? I would appreciate if someone can send me those mp3 in the best quality you can! Thank you!
  6. Thank God they have fixed the website! I have the two tickets! Thank you all for your help! You've been very helpful!
  7. I just want to say that your English in writing is great. Can you write out exactly what you want to say or ask, and then read it to them? Just a thought. The problem is definitely the website. Yes I will try to call them (In fact, I've already called them but I only heard an answering phone asking me the extension of the person I want to reach... I've written them a mail asking their timetable to try again, but Im not optimistic on it... I could write all I want to say but... Will I be able to understand their answers? haha we'll see... but for me, it's incredible that they know that the website is not working well and nobody do nothing to fix it... I'm starting to think of buying normal tickets instead of VIP... at least they work ok on the web. Thank you so much for your help!
  8. Vsteph1 but are you sure that the website works correctly there in the USA?? It doesnt seem a problem of the country but the website... Can you please try to buy them? Just try. That way we can check if it is problem of the country or the website. I guess I will finally have to call them by phone and try...
  9. Oh, man. I hate when that type of thing happens. I know others from other countries have bought tickets to his shows, but not sure how they've done it. I sincerely hope this works out for you. If the country thing turns out to be a problem, not sure how others have resolved this, as I've never heard of anyone else having that problem. Let us know if you get your tickets. I'm so excited for you! I's impossible... I've talked to FrontGate tickets and they've told me that it's not their fault and I had to speak with Belly Up directly. When I wrote to them, Belly Up told me to buy the tickets calling them by phone. The problem is that as I've said to them, I am not good enough at English to have a speaking conversation... I would not understand anything! I answered the e-mail telling that to them and asking if there's no way to fix the problem on the website... Im waiting the reply but I'm starting to feel that I'm running out of possibilities... Thank you all for your help!
  10. Im trying to buy the tickets but it is in 'Pleaes wait...' mode when I choose the country and I can't continue...
  11. Hi Jeannie! Thank you for your answer. I see that VIP include Early entry to the venue... Doesn't it mean entry to the show? Sorry my English is not too good..
  12. Hi, thank you for you answer. And Is there any possibility to meet David if you don't have the VIP ticket? I mean... After the show or something?
  13. Hey! Can anyone help me?? My friend and I are planning to go for the first time from Spain to San Diego for David's show and we have some doubts about the tickets. The website to buy them is: https://bellyupsolanabeach.frontgatetickets.com/event/g5z0smk8sj104gg3 I don't really understand it very well because first it says: "Genre: Alternative Rock Ticket Price: $23 advanced / $25 day of show / $41 reserved seating" and then down below you only have two different kinds of tickets "General Admission GA" and "General Admission Admission". I guess the VIP tickets are those 'General Admission Admission' tickets that cost 73$ but Im not sure because it doesn't call them 'VIP' but G.A.A. Can anyone please help me?? We are going to take a very long trip to see the show and try to meet David (maybe is the only opportunity ever to see him) and I don't want to buy the wrong tickets... I guess buying the VIP tickets worths it, doesn't it? And the other question... Can I print the tickets once I've bought them? or they send it to me?? (The delivery cost to Spain will be really big...) Thank you all!
  14. Amazing performance I have to admit that I don't like the performances that David has done lately, but this one... wonderful!
  15. I thinks that it's good for David. RCA never supported him as he deserved it. Now he will have more control over his work. If he is going to create new material like the last song I'll write for you, I'm happy... because it is just awesome.
  16. Check out the link Dinna gave you. We might be doing something similar, so if it doesn't work for you at DCO, check back here later Thank you but Im not in DCO... I guess someone will upload it to youtube and I'll be able to listen to it there tomorrow =(
  17. Immpossible to get it in Spanish iTunes Store... =(
  18. Yeh what an amazing performance! Please have anybody the link to download the video in hq?? thank u!
  19. One question.. I wanna buy the Fan Edition CD/DVD + EP but I want to know for sure If these are physical or they're mp3 downloads preorders..
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