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  1. Well, I am sitting here on twitter, DCO and FB...all excited! Two hours to go...This afternoon listened to David doing Idol songs...He is just the best on the planet! I hope this single takes off fast! He deserves it! I have butterflies! Imagine how HE feels!
  2. Well, I have never been to the Race or the concert and this one will be really special. Maybe next year...I just moved, getting settled etc...and have always wanted to go to DC for this event. I also am so moved that David tweeted about Mariah, God rest her sou. He has moved thousands of people to pray for her family and loved ones...just wonderful.
  3. I love that he is in contact with his fans...even tho he does not tweet as much as we do He has kept his promise from years ago about interacting, and that was before he used twitter....me too! PS: About my avi here, can you tell that I am also a big fan of his legs? Oh yeah!
  4. I think that there was nothing in David's cookie because We are his fortune!!!!!!!!!! All of us....his fortune is all of his gifts....talent...all that he is to share with the world.
  5. I love his hair short and neat and also long and not so neat....I just love his hair, and the rest of him too....as for a Harley? Well, if that is what he wants, why not? VROOOM VROOOOOM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  6. Oh boy, I LOVE his scruffy beard! I hope he never shaves it off! He looks awesome in scruff...and awesome and so adorable with his head down....THUD THUD THUD! He is the man of my dreams! rust colored scruff!
  7. I of course did not take this but love it...my pics are not good
  8. I love that sweater on him. I wonder what was in the gift bag??!! Serenity, THAT FACE. And Jamie, it looks like he had been rained on! Drenched in sweat, and love. Sue's pics are all awesoe!
  9. WOW WOW WOW! I was not there, but what a show! You are so so lucky!
  10. WOW! Looked at his face! I met him at Clifton Park, and did not look at his face! I was rushing myself, big line behind me, I am so mad at myself. I hope I get a chance to look at his face in person again!
  11. I love this pic of David....so cute! My friend @Taylor_Sue was SO relaxed this nite...I froze during my time with him....not because I was nervous about being with him, but because it was my first VIP and I hate having my picture taken and I rushed myself because I was at front of long long line. So this pic of Sue is relaxed like I wanted to be.. PS: I was not at this show.............#sobs I truly like her pictures most!
  12. I am awful with camera at shows, but even tho my pics are crappy, they are DAVID lol! [quote] miss him so so much!
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