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  1. I would have preferred that he release a song that you can download for a $10 donation. I think a lot of people would participate. The list above tells me that there isn't much interest in donations less than $50. Many people want to help others, but not everyone has $50 plus to donate to their favorite cause.
  2. Still agreeing here!!!!!! I agree with you both. Who is to say that Hinder wouldn't have let David perform some of the songs he has been working on. And even if he hadn't gotten that opportunity, Hinder fans may have seen what he has to offer and followed him when he does perform his own music with his own band. It's one thing to stand your ground regarding your artistry. It's another to have maybe not have considered all of the benefits there were to working with a band like this on a temporary basis.
  3. I think he has the songs written and ready to go before AI asks him to perform, not the other way around (unless I've misunderstood your comment about them asking him to jump and he says how high). AI at this point has no control over his music release schedule.
  4. Terry's song sounds more middle of the road or light rock -- or like the post-RCA tunes that David has done. It sounds like people are looking for something more up tempo/heavier this time around from David.
  5. Word Slinger, I agree with your assessment of David's vocals.
  6. Jeannie, great idea. Cookie4tune, don't be sorry about telling people what you found out. It's nice fans know the date in case they do want to tweet a congratulations message.
  7. I am not sure how Jennie and Andy might feel about a gift. They eventually made their online wedding planning book password protected. IDK, maybe they wouldn't mind?
  8. Amen to the bolded red statement. I've been trying to watch XFactor, but am totally annoyed with the distractions in the background. The majority of the contestants would be so much better off with just getting up on stage and doing their thing without the flashing lights and support cast on the stage.
  9. The Feed American event was yesterday in West Hollywood. I think tomorrow night is something different.
  10. It's nice to hear David supporting the new judges panel. I totally agree with him - get the focus off the judges and put all of it on the contestants. I hope the rest of America can do this and stop trying to bury the show just because the judges table is changing.
  11. I'm glad he didn't fall in the pool!
  12. The video left me puzzled, too. Is the background music random, or is it part of a song that has been recorded or still in the works?
  13. Jeannie, you probably don't venture anywhere that Lee has fans, and yes, some of the Idol concerts were cancelled, but so were some of far more established artists as well. Lee has many people waiting for him before and after the concerts, so it is probably too soon to tell how exactly how well he will do. He has many supporters from his association with his prior label - may be the reason for the big turnout at homecoming. Season 9 seemed to have suffered at least partially from all of the other background distractions, like the ever-changing judges table, and in the eyes of some in the industry, maybe not so much from the "perceived" lack of talent.
  14. I hope they have time to get everything together for the first show, if they do have to rent instruments or equipment. It will be a mad rush. I guess David's manager will be there to help with stuff like this?
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