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  1. Yep - but one of the four was a great lead guitarist - John Lennon.
  2. Regarding a seeming need for a lead guitarist... I wonder if Neal has been approached to fill that void..? I haven't heard of Neal being on any other tour or of being occupied. If he's available and has not been approached, this may lend more credence to the rumor that David and Neal are really no longer that close.
  3. Still agreeing here!!!!!! Joining this band wagon. I think this would have been an opportunity to expand awareness of David's artistry to a much wider audience beyond the Idol bubble, or at the very least he could have made this a stepping stone to having his own band later on playing completely his own music. JMO.
  4. Congrats to Olivia! I'm impressed at her highly creative and arresting visualization of the lyrics. It greatly enhances the depiction of the emotion behind the words.
  5. Yayyy! Rarely ever won raffles! Thank you!
  6. Was wondering, too -- especially after watching Keith really getting into the performance -- I expected at least Keith to have stood up and led the SO!
  7. You don't. And I don't. But David does. No birthday tweets to Monty. When Kyle's wife had her baby, David didn't tweet anything about it. When Andy and Jennie got married, no tweets from David. These were events that the public knew about. David could've said something without revealing anything about his personal life, but he didn't. It's become his policy to keep silent on anything even remotely personal. His tweets are mostly about his music, his charity work, and, for like of a better phrase, silly random shit (those tweets are my favorite). Unless....he secretly hates Monty. And Andy. And Jennie. And Kyle's baby! But if you're talking solely about his friends' music.....Andy has done quite a lot of work on his own, EP's and such. I've never seen David tweet about those. He must be on the outs with Andy too. Poor friendless Dave. No need to get our panties all bundled up on this I consider quite a trivial matter. I'd rather spend my energy celebrating David's seemingly final conversion to writing and singing songs with a markedly distinct beat and rhythm than his previous ones. (Or at least I hope that's the direction he'll be taking now). Laying Me Low definitely appears to break away from his usual mold - it's got a dance-y beat (why, I could even tap my foot into it!-lol) , provocative lyrics, and catchy chorus -- I'd say he has finally tapped into what currently appears to many folks - both young and old. Thank heavens he appears to have finally gotten himself "unstuck" from the 80's groove.
  8. Just because he's not doing it publicly, doesn't mean he's not doing it. He didn't tweet Happy Birthday to Monty. Does that mean that he didn't want Monty to have a happy birthday? You should know by now that David keeps his personal life very private. Oh, I hardly consider tweeting one's support of a friend's new record to constitute revealing one's personal life. For example, I don't recall David tweeting anything encouraging about Neal's/Neal's band's new record a while back. Perhaps at that time things between Neal and David have not yet thawed. Maybe now, things have warmed up a bit between them - who knows. But I can't help it if I think there's more warmth on Neal's side than David's. JMO.
  9. This is exactly what I thought. Ditto. But I'd go even further to surmise that all the "extending of the olive branch" appears to be coming from Neal. Have yet to detect any enthused response from David that would indicate he is eager to "mend fences".
  10. Oh, I think a man can be "deep" and still appreciate youth and beauty around him. I think David knows he's got the unwavering adulation and loyalty of the mature fans - no problem there. But I bet my beepy his heart "will skip a beat" if he sees bright new young faces checking him out and his new single which BTW appears to be addressing some young seemingly "femme fatale" lover. JMO
  11. I wish David pretty young'uns to surround him at the lunch table to match his hotness..
  12. Now I'm all ears and eyes -- hoping this is indeed the case!
  13. I can't wait to hear a "killer" new song that I hope is totally different from the sound / vibe of either DCTR or TLM!
  14. Now... THAT is what I wanna hear / see... especially if someone inadvertently "spilled the beans" and accidentally broke the cone of silence . (to David's chagrin of course - lol).
  15. Well, I think David is quite graceful when he attempts at some dance moves. His innate charm and vulnerability could well garner him gazillion votes. I would certainly enjoy watching him attempt dancing than standing by a lemonade stand hoping for a sale (to me that could be a pathetic sight).
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