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  1. Guys... are you still around? just noticed I haven't been here for months... (or years...)! wow... time sure flies... how are you? How's David? do you know anything about his new album? any news? Wow, Just don't know what happened. I forgot to tune in one day and it's been like years...
  2. Oh wow this is weird indeed. We celebreated mother's day last Sunday (the 5th of May) anyway, congratulations to all the moms!! And woooow! Dinna! Congratulations! I want to win a trip to LA too!! Have a blast! And awesome time! And don't worry about English. I'm sure you know a lot already, maybe the accent is a bit weird. Never been there so I dunno, but I'm sure it won't be a problem, your writing is perfect (At least for me, lol)
  3. Hey guys, didn't know where to say this, but we're very close to the message number 1.000.000 only 327 left. This is insane!! Hahahah
  4. Thank youuuu!!!!! O////O this is amazingggg!!! I'm so happy! I found out this morning in my art class and I jumped out of the chair hahaha xD the teacher and clasmates were staring at me like I was insane xDDD And of course!!! Happy anniversary Word Nerds! Yeeey!!! I'll draw something special for you guys. Promise.
  5. So, here's mine: - We Believe - Right here with you - Light On - Declaration - Circadian
  6. Got it. Already purchased and listened. 3 times already Spoiler: Very different, still David but different, bit catchy I'd say. End, priceless David's voice Omg!! And THE solo yum yum yum
  7. Oh!!!! Don't worry ladies! I just figured it out!! The free shipping is only for the USA... oh
  8. I have a question ladies! The T-shirt is available overseas, but when I put my adress that I'm from Spain, the shipping taxes doesn't increase the price!! I don't understand it because when I open the web it says: But the price is the same! Oh! I want the T-shirt :'( And I dunno what to do...
  9. YEAhhhh!!!! new music!!! I want to hear the single, and the new CD!! But it's kind of commerical isn't it? Maybe it's just me, I hope it's just the few seconds. Hope its gonna be better >.Also the quality of Amazon isn't that good. Woohooo! I'm so happy And he will be on Idol beginning of May!! yeeey!
  10. I love paperman, it's very Disney. :3 I loved it when I whatched it on cinemas. I wish I could draw such nice things... I want to be a part of this :') Hello again ladies! I've been a bit off
  11. LOL those jokes about the maps hahahah I'm loving them XD but it's a shame for apple to make their own app. Really bad decision. Thank youu :3
  12. Nope I'm not watching it... the third season I skipped a lot of episodes too... so I don't know, for me the best is the first season and I have it in Blu-Ray. I enjoy watching the Glee Project more than Glee
  13. Wow Jessica that's awesome! a valedictorian!! You must have studied a lot! Then you deserve it! I don't know maybe with twitter? You could explain it to Andy, or some of the band mates, they don't have so many followers/feedback as David has. I don't know. You could try it, Starting College wow that must be very exiting! I'm happy for you! welcome back
  14. Ah me too! I decided I won't change the iOs in my ipad until the new google maps app is available! ò.ó I think this is TERRIBLY wrong. I think Steve wouldn't have done it. I think that when everybody is happy with something and you're giving them something better then it's Perfect! but if you're giving them something worse its... AWFUL! oh c'mon! I don't know if you guys used it, but in my case I bought the iPad thinking: "OMG I'm going to put all the lyrics to my itunes and then I'll be able to listen & read the lyrics" because that IS a thing that actually the ipod does! With The iPad it doesn't work... Why taking it off?! Why? It's just a silly thing that makes people happy! Why take it off? Ah never mind! C'mon Tricia! You can do it!!!! I'm back! and I'm here to stay haha I missed it here. How're you doing? I got fired and decided to start studying art illustration!! in the meanwhile I'm still studying English!
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