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  1. A partial of the new song has been uploaded to Youtube by Astia K via @TomPeddicord. It's not the best quality, but maybe now we'll get more? http://youtu.be/KYMXEBsBHaQ
  2. Hi, Peg! Thank you! It's nice to come back for a visit. *g*
  3. Thanks everyone! So far I've listened to all three vids of A Long December. Lovely song, and such sweeeet vocals. *sigh*
  4. I also found this one that I don't think has already been posted here. Nice view of David. Declaration (garyhicks09) http://youtu.be/HEnXznJyxXU NGL, I love his boot-wearing self. And *coff* the way his jeans fit. *g*
  5. Thanks for that, Barb! Loved having the Ustream, but I must admit that getting closer-up views makes me happy. *g* He does say that he'll slowly be uploading the rest of the concert, so *crosses fingers*
  6. I just clicked to see and it's the end of The Last Goodbye and then (supposedly) the entirety of Paper Heart, but I'm still listening so I can't confirm that one yet.
  7. Hey Peggy! I've been well, thank you! Missing seeing DC in concert, but keeping busy with my other boys. *g* (Though, as I mentioned in my journal, David was looking mighty fine at this concert! I think Nashville, and writing without the pressure of RCA, is good for him.) I heard David say he'd sign something for her, but I wasn't sure if that's what she had said. I thought she maybe just said something that made him laugh and so he decided to sign something for her, lol!
  8. Hello all! *waves* Does anyone know what the little girl said to David when he stopped Fade Into Me?
  9. Thanks so much to everyone for the photos and vids! I've been enjoying them last night and this morning. They are very much appreciated!
  10. Peggy! I finally got to see your antler picture! LOL that they all wore them differently. *g*
  11. Peggy!!! I've been (ever so patiently *g*) waiting for those vids! I'll be listening to those this afternoon when I get home. Thanks so much! (Also, you should have told me you were recording! I would have tried to keep my screeching -- aka singing -- to a minimum. I'm worried that I'll listen to them and the person siinging so horribly on these vids will be ME!!! What a nightmare. *g*)
  12. OMG, I had such an amazing time yesterday! I met some lovely ladies from this forum (Penny and Peggy, I'm looking at you *g*), met some lovely ladies who don't frequent this forum, and got to see David Cook rock the stage! He was awesome, and I'm already wondering when I'll get to do it again. I did a sorta-long re-cap that I posted at my journal, if anyone is interested in reading it: http://spikedluv.livejournal.com/746162.html I also have some not-very-great photos (between the lighting and me not being sure what I'm doing wrt the camera settings), if anyone wants to check them out: http://smg.photobucket.com/albums/v292/spikedluv/Cookleta/Cook%20at%20Northern%20Lights%2012-03-11/ Here are some samples:
  13. Oh my gosh, you guys! I'm so nervous and excited! This is my first Cook concert, and I can't wait! The vids and pics have been ~awesome, but have only made me want to see him live myself even more! I'm heading out in a little while (I need to hit the mall for mundane things, like a battery for my watch), and then I'm meeting Peggy for lunch at Panera! I'm looking forward to talking Cook with someone who understands. *g* Offer's still open for anyone else who might want to meet up; e-mail me at spikedluv @ gmail.com to trade phone #s.
  14. My stomach is already starting to get all twisty! I'm excited and nervous at the same time! I'm planning on getting there a bit early for a late-ish lunch at Panera, if anyone wants to join me or meet up there. If anyone wants my cell #, you can e-mail me at spikedluv @ gmail.com. Even if it's just in case you get lost getting there. (On the off chance that I'll be any help at all. *g*) I'm so looking forward to this! My first time seeing Dave live. *bounce*
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