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  1. Yeah a very bad ending, and the fact that Kurt still thinks that they're not dating pissed me off, gahhhh another 4 months to go
  2. Hey Tricia! Any spoilers for the finale? Except Blaine will proposing to Kurt? OMG, i cant imagine, so happy
  3. Yeah i love last week eps, esp when Finn punching Brody's face, hate that manwhore Can't wait 'til tmrw, Blaine singing Against All Odds right?
  4. Yes, hate that feeling. Waiting anxiously. Can't wait to hear Come What May version of Klaine
  5. Hey Tricia, i was wondering how Kurt can have Blaine as his date to Emma's wedding, coz in last eps Blaine ask Tina to be his date, which is cute , i can't wait to next week eps
  6. I love Naked episode, so funny, and seeing the boys shirtless is priceless
  7. Yeah Adam seems fun too. But Klaine is the real love. And that Sadie Hawkins eps is really funny with Blaine having some feelings with Sam, and Tina wih Blaine, lol Love Marley and Jake too, they're cute together
  8. Been watching the last eps again tonight, i luv all the song, can't wait for that steamy makeout Klaine , miss them so much...
  9. When will this happen? What episode?
  10. ^^ Oh my!!!! Can't wait for that eps, freaking excited now, thx for the spoiler Tricia, u just ruined my day
  11. what spoiler? *curious*, and i love TLAINE, Blaine was so cute there
  12. Don't forget Muse's Stockholm Syndrome, still my fav for electric one
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