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Joseph De Luca

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  1. Joseph De Luca

    JDL Photo Album

    We all need inspiration and motivation to keep our spirits up when needed so I create or find as many as I can and add as I go along Other photos are things I am working on, have special ideas, supporting and/or assisting on and much more
  2. Joseph De Luca


    From the album: JDL Photo Album

  3. Joseph De Luca


    From the album: JDL Photo Album

  4. Joseph De Luca


    From the album: JDL Photo Album

  5. Joseph De Luca


    From the album: JDL Photo Album

  6. Joseph De Luca


    From the album: JDL Photo Album

  7. Version 1.0.0


    When I create excitement and see all the great views , likes, love, and comments , well they all get a top mention and what better way to doing it with video as we all should know its all about Video content along with many other things...
  8. Version 1.0.0


    Adding more as I go along soon there be many that will be set for a private selection to those that like a bit more understanding on how to do what I done without spending a dime.
  9. Version 1.0.0


    More YouTube videos to come and creating much content on many things This is what I do best and have my own juice to what I do to making a difference that many others have said and continue to say
  10. Just joined the ForumsClub so lets see what becomes of this and see how it will all work or how long it will last and such

    1. Joseph De Luca

      Joseph De Luca

      Yes I to do see that and adding as I go along so this be another one that I must
      bookmark so that I can relocate and update more as I go along , and thank you for the warm thank you...

    2. Joseph De Luca

      Joseph De Luca

      Thank you SLGray for the likes and to following me more to come now that I made the updates needed 

  11. One thing I noticed when I  created about two forms with Forumotion

    It would seem now when I try to go back to the two I made I can never find them our the
    site would say no such forum to be found, now I booked marked both of the two I created
    and sometimes it works or times not so much, I also noticed that when it does what to work
    from when I go back to the bookmarks I created so that I can finding it easier that a pop happens as soon
    As someone should clink on my link page it takes them somewhere all together making it look like my link
    I have for my forums like spam, bogus link dirrect, and sometimes noticed that it may even be considered 
    as between not trusted site and/or virus at times, people have said they get a pop up super fast and not know what
    to do or why this happens , making it very difficult for people trusting the forums I built within for Forumotion 

    1. Legends Roleplay

      Legends Roleplay

      It's the adds.  I pay to disable mine and seems to fix the issue, otherwise they redirect me or cause issues with detection. 

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