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  1. haha, never mind; my math is not good also specially at night time I will be online at around playfish time 14:30, or you can send first when you available, will send items when i am online at once. about the biscuits, you may send me the regular because you have a big trade Biscuits all sent, and mb items all received-thanks so much for a smooth first trade here for me!
  2. [quote="Dancer Corner"] 2 x fish biscuit for 3 items, Please feel free to let me know if you are interest to any following item, and don't be hesitate to ask me if you are interest to any "rares" [table border="1"][tr][td][/td][td][/td][td][/td][/tr][tr][td][/td][td][/td][td][/td][/tr][tr][td style="vertical-align: top;"][/td][td style="vertical-align: top;"] [/td][td style="vertical-align: top;"] Hi, I accepted your f/r. Just double checking the math, tho--you stated 2 biscuits for 3 items. That would be 15 biscuits-you just asked for 20 biscuits in the above post... EDIT- Ok, sorry--I just re-did the math--20 biscuits is right. It's after 3am for me, and I'm really tired-my math-brain isn't working well. Is there any way we can trade later in the day? I've been putting off bed-time, but I think I'd better get some sleep! Sorry again--I'm overtired and making mistakes... And to clarify--which biscuits, the regular, or the Halloween ones?
  3. Hi there, I haven't been on in awhile. and I don't think I've traded before on this forum. I'm interested in getting 6 each of : the black cat plushie, the bat doll, the bloody bunny the floating ghost (And it's not listed, but I'd really like 6 of the dark owl doll as well-do you happen to have any? ) So...Using a referee isn't possible with cc biscuits: shall we alternate sending?
  4. Because he landed in a pile of multicolored poo. :leppy: :panda: :hedge: :seed: :merlin: :squitty: :pinkjello: :blackcat:
  5. Unfortunately you get arrested for running a Ponzi scheme that got you your billions. I wish unicorns existed...
  6. Unfortunately the seashell items are kinda odd-looking...
  7. ooohhhh kill me!!! Personal Electrical toy send on Carrie into elegant transferred yard WASP Walnuts Are Sensationally Pretty Helmet
  8. Whoa! The weight piles on so fast you can't even wriggle your fingers to type or play computer games!! I wish for a house that never needs cleaning or repairs...
  9. Wish You were Here-Pink Floyd What if you woke as a frog?
  10. Fortunately Pet Society exists!! You can cheer yourself by playing with pixelated pets!
  11. Give in to me - Michael Jackson What season is it?
  12. Leg--less visible. Country music or opera music?
  13. My real life jello would be wiggling and jiggling, not sure if the PS pink jello can wiggle and jiggle, tho! What if you walked into a room and saw your 2 dimensional PS pet was sitting on your couch?
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