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  1. CriticaL

    Pokémon Duel

    *It's a digital version of Pokemon Trading Figure Game. Played identically for the most part, only things that are really new are the addition of Pokemon Post Gen 3. It's generally fun, but Pokemon Company is saying it's a "brand new" thing when it is in fact an updated redo of a failed concept. Didn't make a lot of money originally, but it will certainly do better on the mobile market.
  2. SO! IT'S FINALLY HERE, PERFORMING FOR YOU... Actually it isn't here yet, but soon Splatoon 2 for the Nintendo Switch this coming Summer season! Introducing new weapons, maps, and more ways to be the freshest squid around! What are you looking forward to in the upcoming title?
  3. Def will try to stay active, at least as much as I can. Probably should look into a way to get this site a little more bumpin' haha. Also yeah, BFC's on life support right now man.
  4. Thanks, if there is anything you need ever just @ me on discord.
  5. Yo, I'm CriticaL. I do a lot of different things, ranging from fighting games to film editing. I currently hold the world record for Drawn to Life, Any%. I did a big chunk of the artwork for Fight to the Finish Season 2, because Falcon is da homie. My favorite color is #0019D8 I was an avid user of SSBFC, so since that's down I'll try to hang around here and make this place more active like I did there. I know of this place via FalconXD, who is a super cool dude and a friend of mine. I know this place has been around a while, and I have heard the name thrown around a bit a long time ago, though I can't recall where. I am generally real busy as of late, but I'll try to check around here often.
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