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  1. Hi glow! I sent the 3x4999 for the black jacuzzi. let me know when u got it. thanks!
  2. sure =) will reserve for u^^ thx thanks glow! I will let u know and send the 3x4999 as soon as I have them. Thanks again
  3. Can u hold the black jaccuzzi for me glow? I'll pay u 3x4999 after a couple of days. would that be okay?
  4. hmm nope ...sorry i see.. 2x4999 sent for the lion dance shirt and hat.. thanks glow! how about the gold trimmed eyemask? do u have a spare?
  5. I will send them over.. Do you still have a spare gold trimmed bathrobe?
  6. Hi glow88! can i buy the lion dance shirt and hat for 2x4999?
  7. ill trade you my rudolf and turkey for all those please.. send me f/r.. Okay.. Yay! f/r sent
  8. Ohh my mistake.. I actually got 250 wood and 95 rocks for trade too..
  9. my crops that I'm willing to trade costs 155,158.. Let me know what items I can get in exchange for my crops.. And I got 135 wood and 76 rocks that Im willing to trade too..
  10. umm.. lets see.. would you be able to add in one chicken? the white or yellow chicken?
  11. these are the following crops I have: carrots- 2375 corn- 4096 white radish- 824 purple radish- 2890 green pepper- 4222 red pepper- 658 yellow pepper- 11482 Let me know what rare dolls I can get for those crops..
  12. yipeee.. i would like enough crops to buy 2 sheep, one brown, one white.. and the crops they eat please.. how much do you have? I'll check first how much crops I have but I'm afraid I'm won't be able to buy the crops they eat yet.. Would u consider the animals only?
  13. Hi raizuh! I'm interested in your rudolph and turkey.. I can send you crops for it. Let me know what items u wanted for the rudolph and turkey. Thanks.
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