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  1. i late sorry now i received. and send 1 Homegrown Paw Tulip thanks for tread
  2. ok i send for u > songkok and white trousers now plz check and sendback for me thank kiss kiss
  3. Sorry I have not come all. ีu can buy it plz send f/r and note for me in facebook
  4. sure i have 2 jasmine decor left only ok i send for u 26x999 send all finish
  5. sure i have 2 jasmine decor left only ok i send for u 26x999
  6. now i send 20x999 for first order andjasmine flower decor u have 10 each? ^^
  7. huh? i only ha e 7 pink wall ribbon. do you want them? and 5 railing and 7 wall ribbon is actually 19*999 ok then i buy 6 Pink Cute Iron Railing and 7 Pink Wall Ribbon = 20x999 hun? u have Jasmine Flower Decor i want to buy it same u aready plz tell me :biggrin: :
  8. hi ^^ i have new order ^^ 5 :: Pink Cute Iron Railing - 1*999 10 :: Pink Wall Ribbon - 2*999 total ~ 15x999 >w<
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