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  1. Where is the pika pack link from the main site leads here :(.
  2. Yeah, Google Drive should still be open for private use as it's a different service than Google+.
  3. The emu looks so nice and very realistic. Thanks a lot!
  4. Thanks for remaking my ancient wolves! They look like those stuffed in museums, so RR-like. Thanks a lot!
  5. Pack seem to be nice additions to ZT2 as ZT2 lacks many prehistoric wildlife. Any news about remaking my Japanese wolves pack?
  6. The newest pack seems to be as great as the remaining ones (those RR-like/remade). Great work!
  7. Nice news. Great job on the anuroghathids, they look like the one in WWD.
  8. Wow! What a cute furry Anurognathus! Great work on that!
  9. Nice animals, great work! I cannot wait to see them in game.
  10. the boomer lizard is nice, I cannot wait to see it in my game.
  11. Nice Pterodactylus! Looking forward to seeing the meshes.
  12. Pteranodon is closely related (it was a pterodactylid), but Rhamphorhynchus looks better visually (without long tail of course), so IMHO the second one is better.
  13. Nice pterosaurs! We wil have a prehistoric (Mesozoic) version of oxpecker now! Great job!
  14. The parrot will be great addition to the ZT2 gameplay!
  15. Yeah, I've noticed that after I wrote about it.
  16. The RR-compatibility codes are quite simple, but remember to add them to egg-coding as well. I'm waiting for the parrot to see it in game. Good luck with the coding!
  17. Good parrot model. @silverwren: I may (if you want to) code your parrot to be compatible with RR biomes.
  18. I have it, too, but I deleted all of the crapware and spyware from it.
  19. Windows10 has a lot of hidden spyware, crapware and "telemetry", which is in fact also spyware. Pitty.
  20. This would be good! I cannot wait for the signs in game .
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