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  1. Next step is to make some kind of number plate bracket seeing as the old arrangement is lying in pieces on the floor lol. Here's the light/no. plate bracket I have. I'm thinking something like this... Any ideas/suggestions?
  2. Hi everyone, a few weeks ago I picked up an '89 CG 125 for £200 on eBay, thought I'd post my progress so far on here... Here she is the morning after the journey the night before... One throttle cable, some inlet manifold gaskets and a carb later... Oh I put some stock bandit bars on it upside down aswell... Next step was to remove the (in my opinion) ugly back end.. The undertray proved a tad difficult to remove so I had to resort to beating the out of it with hammer... Onwards and upwards... Now time to bodge some kind of seat together... Oh, and also change the bars back as the "cafe" look wasn't doing it for me and the bars were fouling the tank. Next I got the angle grinder out and said a big feck off the rear subframe... I think it's starting to look a bit bobber-ish now :P Oh I've also scraped the airbox and put on a pod filter (why the hell not I suppose...) Upjetted main from 92 to 97.5 and pilot to 42 from 38. Moved the needle clip down a slot too... Seems to run okay now. Here's how she's looking today. The exhaust has a small hole about half way along but I'll do that later. That's all for now... Dan
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