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    Just thought i would pop on here and introduce my self to Y'all, my name is Cherry, I love all things bike and the whole biker comunity, dont think i have ever met a more friendly group of people .Rode pillion with my dad and grandad (sidecar)from a very young age then later on only dated lads who had bikes lol. Passed my test when i was 40 and had the time of my life on my first bike (ER5)have also had a Triumph speed four and a suzuki gladius that i only had for three weeks when got T/boned by driver who didn't see me. So not got a ride at the mo as bike was ritten off (nearly me too)hoping to get back in the saddle soon thinking about a cruiser style for the comfort factor so if anyone has any recomendations as to what i should get would love to hear it. Enjoy it out there :-)
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