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  1. Hiya i have some spare 4999's on myspace and bebo, and im looking to buy some rares for facebook with them. im intrested in halloween 08 and xmas and after.... if you have anything spare can you let me know your price. thanx
  2. hiya i really would like a merfountain if you could. in exchange for 1 item in the cash shop
  3. im only after whats in my wishlist at the moment. thankyou
  4. thanx billbo baggings i didnt relise, thanx for letting me know huni. x
  5. Hiya im new to the forum but love it here already, very colourful... i have about 100 cash coins for sale and im selling them at: 4 x cc = 1 x 4999 or you can offer me some rares again 1 x item = 1 x rare... (old jukes, old lips, halloween stuff from 2008) free bumps welcome. thanx
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