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  1. ill do my best to post a pic, I have also thought about the use of chemical metal etc.. however being a carb it would have to be pretty precise and air tight...might just manage to pull it off though and keep me going until at least I got a replacement.
  2. \im from Dunfermline in Fife...you?
  3. cheers guys..aye im keeping an eye on ebay but theres not much just now...its a bit of a lottery tbh..as you never know 100% what they are going to be like...fingers crossed they don't have another seized air screw lol...we phoned around a few bike breakers as well...and by the sounds of it they don't have them long as the screws are really bad for seizing...time will tell eh .

    Hi everyone

    Guess what clown broke his carbs last night trying to get a very seized air screw out.... .the wife nearly passed out when she phoned for a price lol.
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