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  1. Love the animals TH... You never cease to amaze us. 💙
  2. My favorite is the Royal Bengal Tiger. 🙂
  3. Hey guys, I don't know if this is the right place to ask this and I didn't see any dedicated pages for such questions... But would anybody know where I can get this pack from?! The site mentioned gives a time out error! https://zt2downloadlibrary.fandom.com/w ... ack_Lemur) OR if you have it, could you just dm it to me? Thanks! 😊
  4. Thank you so much! will check it out. :)
  5. Unfortunately no! Just my freakin luck i guess. :(
  6. yea but now it's replacing the original animal! :( its treating the new animal as a remake and not as a separate animal!!
  7. Okay... I figured out how to skin and the animal now isn't white! :D But now the animal doesn't show up in the game! :( how do I make it workable in game??
  8. Could you do it for me and tell me exactly what you changed! please? Coz it's going right above for me :( thank you. :-) zzzzGigantophis.z2f
  9. But I don't see this line... which exists in my edit! "entities/units/animals/HorseAppaloosa/HorseAppaloosa_Adult_F.dds" Shouldn't that like be the skin file??
  10. Could do explain what is wrong? like what would you do when you have to reskin and add it to the game... that would really help me! :-)
  11. <binder> <BFNamedBinder binderName="mainObj"> <instance> <BFPhysObj> <BFShadowLODComponent numLevels="1" switchingDists="60.0" /> <BFActorComponent actorfile="entities/units/animals/titanoboa/titanoboa_Adult_F.bfm" scale="2.7" /> <BF4LegsGroundFitComponent backBuoyancyNode="Node_Buoy_Back" bicyclePointBack="Bip01 Pelvis" bicyclePointFront="Floor_Head" frontBuoyancyNode="Node_Buoy" heightGain="6.0" heightOffset="0.2" heightOffsetScale="0.0" maxHeightError="0.5" maxLOD="1" maxPitchError="0.1" maxRollError="0.2" pitchGain="1.0" rollGain="1.0" /> <BFSwimComponent waterInDistance="0.50" waterOutDistance="0.0" /> <BFRotYawMovingComponent /> <BFCollisionComponent grid="Bip01 Spine,Bip01 Head" /> <BFGridCollisionComponent /> <BFSecondaryAnimComponent animName="Secondary_Tongue" chance="60" frequency="3.0" validAnims="Stand_Idle,Stand_TurnRight90,Stand_TurnLeft90,Lie_Idle,Walk_Ahead" /> </BFPhysObj> </instance> <shared> <BFSharedRandomTextureInfo> <replacementSet> <group weight="1"> <item image="entities/units/animals/titanoboa/titanoboa_Adult_F.dds" material="titanoboa_Adult_F" /> </group> </replacementSet> </BFSharedRandomTextureInfo> <BFTextTagMacrosComponent> This is what I did!
  12. umm... how do you do that exactly? very sorry for my ignorance.
  13. I apologise if this is the wrong place to ask this question but the thing is i need major help!! I recently took to skinning and stuff and although I skinned the animal in photoshop AND saved the file as .dds in DXTBMP... when I open the model in nifskope AFTER saving, the whole animal is white ie there is no skin! :-( The animal I was reskinning was the Titanoboa by Panrex... oh and also this happens after I replace the original animal skin files in the zip folder! What am I doing wrong?? I looked up the reskinning tutorial by Shadow and Flame... and redid it accordingly. But the result is the same ☹️ Could someone please help me soon!! this is how it looks! ;_( Thank you in advance 🙂 Titanoboa_Adult_F.nif Titanoboa_Adult_F.dds
  14. oh damn... I see. :( thanks though! Hope you have a good day! :)
  15. Maybe mate, could be a tree (don't know why it's called Wetland Bush though!) Also if its not too much to ask... could you send me a direct link of the Prehistoric Pandemonium pack, the website ( Geyser Millenium ) doesn't seem to open for me. :( I badly want that dromaeosaurus of the pack!! thanks n' cheers ;-)
  16. Oh bugger! That's alright mate... thanks for letting me know though. :)
  17. oh okay, did he mention the name of the pack by any chance? Thanks for the reply though!! cheers ;-)
  18. I've put my settings on high for everything but the paths still look messed up! :-( no not the ones that look like a fern... I meant the ones he uses to line the area around the fences.. it's called the Maple Wetlands Bush... I couldn't find a foliage by that name anywhere! anyways thanks for helping mate ;-)
  19. 0:18 just after the placement of the fences... also could you tell me how to get such HD quality looking paths? thanks :)
  20. Guys, does anybody know where I might find this bush featured in this video?? I can't seem to find it at the Download Library! Thank you in advance! :) And also How do you get such HD path looks... like the one in this vid... my paths look kinda texturey :-(
  21. wow can't believe I missed this beauty!! thanks mate ;-)
  22. Greetings y'all I've seen many downloads featuring Rexy but wanted to know if there are any that have a Feathered T-rex?? If yes could you send me a link?! Thanks and Cheers! ;-)
  23. Here is a list of Prehistoric Animals that I'd Like to see in ZT2 PRIMATES & APES 1. Dinopithecus 2. Aegyptopithecus 3. Proconsul CATS : 1. European jaguar or Panthera gombaszoegensis 2. Acinonyx pardinensis or The Giant Cheetah 3. Dinictis 4. Megantereon DOGS\WOLFS 1. Epicyon 2. Cave wolf 3. Beringian wolf HYENAS : 1. Cave hyena SNAKES : 1. Sanajeh indicus - The Baby-Dino eater!! 2. Gigantophis garstini BIRDS OF PREY 1. Apatosagittarius : The extinct cousin of the Secretary Bird! 2. Neogyps errans 3. Garganoaetus freudenthali 4. Woodward's eagle 5. Palaeohierax gervaisii - An extinct genus of Hawk STORKS : 1. Asphalt Stork (Ciconia maltha) The 3rd Stork 2. Ciconia Gaudryi the 4th one! UNGULATES : 1. ancient or antique bison 2. Cervocerus novorossiae 3. Propotamochoerus 4. Listriodon This is my list of Prehistoric-Fauna that I thought should be added to the game... feel free to comment/discuss what you think of this list!! Waiting for your suggestions Cheers! ;-)
  24. Love your work, especially with all the details... would you also try a Dinopithecus, the extinct baboon!! it looks something like this... Cheers! ;-)
  25. oh is it. Well thank you for letting me know! :-)
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