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  1. I've been doing dream interpretations with the Holy Spirit for almost 10 years...and just want to give you some background what I've found (in general) over the years: LOCATION: The location usually gives you a big clue as to the theme of the dream. For example, a college or high school often represents more advanced spiritual lessons. SOME WORDS HAVE MORE THAN ONE MEANING: Example, a nose sometimes stands for "To know" or "she nose" whereas a sea sometime stands for "to see", and a bee, could be mean "TO BE" as in not in the future or in the past, but to be in the moment, at rest and relaxed. (I wanted to emphasize this last part especially, because it took the Lord about two years of constant reminders to "JUST BE" before I finally managed to stop worrying, living in the future or the past, just to be in the moment and trust I would better know what to do when.) SOMETIMES THERE ARE MANY WAY A SYMBOL IS USED: Example, in English, the way you put words together in a sentence can change the way a word in a sentence. Most dreams also follow this pattern, but some do not. MOST DREAMS PRESENT BOTH A PROBLEM AND A SOLUTION: For example, in your growth, when you are ready to deal with something new, it might first come up in a dream. Usually, the dream will offer you a solution also. Example, once I could NOT leave my abusive boyfriend years ago. I finally prayed for the strength to leave him. I had 3 dreams 3 nights in a row. One of the dreams revealed that my potential was being destroyed if I stayed there, the second revealed that I kept swimming into traps, even though I could swim over or under them, and I don't remember the third, but those dreams were exactly what I needed to make me understand that in God's eyes, I was important, and I then had enough self esteem to leave. NOT ALL THE POSSIBLE MEANINGS ARE PRESENTED IN BOOKS: For example, green usually stands for prosperity, growing something healthy, etc., yet in one translation I did, the word green meant the same as when we use it for cowboys: young or inexperienced. Often I've found dream symbols have English phrase equivalents. WHENEVER CONSIDERING OBJECTS, THINK ABOUT WORDS ASSOCIATED WITH THAT OBJECT: For example, let's think of CATS. Dream books almost always consider them evil, but they can also stand for intuition, spiritual abilities, and keepers of ancient wisdom. If the cats are black, in dreams, though, it can mean show deficiencies in areas, including not having the ability to hear or receive from the Holy Spirit, or it can also indicate physical disease. Almost always, you'll find that a physical object in a dream has the same properties in real life. For example, if you think about a shoe, it is designed to help you walk in all sorts of conditions. Usually, if you think of an object, and that definition doesn't feel right, and you keep doing whatever you associate with an object, all the possibilities, it will suddenly stand out when you get the right meaning. SOME DREAMS ARE FOR LATER: One dream I had 18 years ago, I understood parts of, but not all of it. And I got no help when I asked. Yet when I got deathly SICK this year, I asked a friend of mine ..... The words my friend got were "wheatgrass and chlorophyll." The moment my friend said "wheatgrass" my mind flashed back to that dream of 18 years ago. I didn't even know there was such a thing as wheatgrass!!! But my friend and I both started reading about wheatgrass, and it has over 90 nutrients, vitamins and minerals, and many anti-oxidants, and soon after starting it, my neurologist said my MRI's, my nerve tests, and my blood work had all greatly improved and I would not need to come back for another 4 months!!! This was quite a switch, as a week prior to that, I was having to run to almost 3 doctors a day because I coudln't feel my legs and my pulse was down to 49, and I had hydrocepahalus and neuropathy. I was told NEVER to charge money for doing dream translations or delivering messages from the Holy Spirit...as this both makes people doubt your motivations for doing it and plus, even the early disciples were told not to charge money for their work, and to earn their money another way.
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