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  1. can i have nerdy bear plushie luminious chineese bunny latern so 2x5999 all? i sending u f/r now tq
  2. sure plese send me f/r tq Are the headphones white/pink? Can I add this to my shopping list too? 2x cute tiger plushie (8x999 for both) 1x cupid bear plushie (5x999) 2x heart pouch (10x999 for both) 2x bat hat (8x999 for both) Total: 35x999 Can I have a little discount? ok i will give u 34x999
  3. i think you missed me. XD uhmm im so sorry ok u can pay 4x3333 aw thank you.! i will send payment tomorrow. Payment sent! payment received,item sent tq for trade
  4. =16*999 ok if u want still trade item with me please send me f/r with note tq so much ^.^ Payment is on the way~ payment received and all item are sent,tq for trade add rep for u
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