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  1. I agree with u destine for sure. But he was saying those ministers who profit off of God. Or basically make money off of like call in now and donate. Which I kind of agree with him. But it seemed he has a problem more so with money then anything else. He is going through a tough time and I have been supportive up until he made some insulting comments. And the thing is , is I've had dreams about him. Dreams that wasn't so good. Not like I'm a better person by any means but it seamed the dreams! Were directing me to stay away from certain situations like you guys are saying. And dumb me doesn't listen. For instince. One dream I had was where we (me and him) were running through this Forrest of trees but the ground was barrain and the trees had no leaves no life to them and on the tree branches was snakes hanging everywhere I was ducking and dodging all the snakes avoiding getting bitten. And then he got bitten on the arm and I grabbed his arm and sucked the venum out and we took off again and finally reached this huge bright glowing mansion
  2. I agree. But I'm talking he gets upset and angry although he acts like he doesn't but his words speak clearly enough to me. I know that there is no one perfect. He's been patient with me and I have with him. But with him its always around 80% criticize his ex and her church and them religious people. And 10-15% criticize most preachers for not having a good "doctrine". And the rest is normal conversation. I honestly am just tired of it. Cause I know that's where the conversation always goes. Then he gets mad, blows up and threatens to knock my teeth out when he takes what I say the wrong way. He has a very short fuse. Hey and there has been times where I have been in the wrong. And I'm one of those types that doesn't like confrontation. I would rather try to love everyone and see the best in them rather than criticize them. I mean don't you ever just get tired of hearing people whin about everyone else
  3. OK here goes. I've got a friend in Christ who has had some obvious hurts from the religious church type people in his life and most of the time this is all I hear about and he gripes, bashes those types of people out all the time and + the big time TV ministers that have nice houses . he says stuff like " we aren't suppose to have this glorious life here on earth" and stuff like all those rich TV ministers should put all their money together and end world hunger" and it just seems he's always critical of a lot of people. Yet he tries to act like he isn't. Anyways my question is . what do you do with someone like that? Like he's my friend but I honestly get tired of hearing it over and over and over. And there's been times where we get into arguments and he is always the first to bring up something I've done that I've told him. And throw it in my face like a rock. I don't want to be mad at him. But at the sane time I don't want anything to do with him. Is this wrong? Thanks
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