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  1. A tactical flashlight is much different from the flashlights you can buy in regular stores. Not only it is brighter, it is also stronger and more durable. Tactical EDC flashlights are designed and constructed with aerospace grade aluminum to give them durability and make the weight light enough to carry in your pocket. From military purposes to outdoor camping, Tactical Light offers security and safety anywhere.

    Zeroing in on the correct choice is hard because of the competition in the market. This article will list the tips you should consider about when picking the best EDC tactical flashlight for your requirements.

    Battery: Most of the commercially available EDC tactical flashlights use one of the two prevalent batteries – AA or CR123. AA batteries have been tried and tried for long. Hence, they are known to be reliable. Likewise, AA batteries are all the more easily available because of their life span. AA batteries utilize alkaline technology, which is the reason they are typically less expensive and more widely available. Typically, such batteries come in a longer size while being small in diameter.
    CR123 batteries depend on lithium cell technology and have come to the forefront as of late. They provide greater energy storage which results in a higher brightness output as well as longer battery time. However, because of their adequacy, CR123 batteries are priced higher than AAs and are less readily available. CR123 batteries are typically short and wider in diameter and weigh less than AAs.

    Brightness: The principle motivation behind why individuals choose a Tactical LED Flashlight is its blinding brightness. And therefore, you must be sure that your flashlight does what it claims to do in this regard. Despite extravagant marketing claims, some tactical flashlights are not as bright as they promise. It is important for buyers to check the lumens as well as the candela output. The more the lumens, the brighter the light.

    Lumens don't illustrate the intensity of the beam of light. For blinding brightness and a high-intensity beam, buyers should also look at the candela output of an EDC tactical flashlight.
    Size: An EDC flashlight should be easy to carry and should be small enough to carry inside a pocket. The recommended size of a flashlight is a little longer than the width of a hand. This size fits pleasantly in the pocket and still manages to pack in the features such as bigger batteries. Flashlights that are too big to carry defeat the purpose of an EDC flashlight, despite providing more features or lumens.

    Flashlights on the smaller side lack the necessary brightness required for a tactical flashlight. However some of the smaller lights can generate up to 400 lumens with a rechargeable AA battery inside

    Durability: There are a lot of factors that go into determining durability. These factors include its waterproof level, its body construction material, and its design. Ideally, a flashlight is made of aerospace grade aluminum for superior durability, and its less erosion feature has an IPX-7 waterproofing rating for use in rains or floods and a compact design which makes it simpler to carry.

    Summing Up
    Military officials, outdoor adventurers, hikers, and tactical professionals require quality lights that enable them to carry out their responsibility proficiently and simultaneously maintain the highest safety standards possible. Lights may seem like a small and insignificant tool; however, they are an essential part of their toolkit. Finding the best Tactical Light  in the market can be a daunting task, however, with in-depth research and help from our review, you can be assured to find the best that fits properly.

    911Gear helps you with the best choices and provides the best LED Tactical Light in the market. We have high-quality and durable lights that offer all-day performance required in the Policing, Corrections, Law Enforcement Security or the Military sector. Our lights are built to last for years and are designed to provide functionality to the officer who remains on duty for hours in extreme conditions.

    More information HERE


  2. An Honorable Career USA Informational Website USA-flag
    Becoming a security guard is an honorable way to serve and protect the general public, as well as in private sectors.
    Millions of Americans rely on security guards to protect them and their families from criminal activity as they go about their daily lives. We respect and solute the men and women who serve and protect us each and every day.

    This is an informational website on the security guard career - with state-by-state training rules and regulations, a job board, and other industry information: http://www.securityguardtrainingcentral.com/

    A trusted resource  for further reading on the security guard career.
  3. The leaders of the Department of Homeland Security met to hash over threats from Iran amid concerns that the department has become more focused on immigration than terrorism.

    Soon after Maj. Gen. Qassim Suleimani, Iran’s top military leader, was killed in a drone strike, the chief of cybersecurity at the Department of Homeland Security warned the public that it was “time to brush up” on Iran’s efforts to attack computer systems in the United States, even as the department’s acting secretary said that “no specific, credible threats” to the country had emerged since the general’s death.

    Chad F. Wolf, the department’s acting chief, convened senior officials on Thursday night and Friday morning to discuss how to respond to Iran’s threat of a “forceful revenge” against the United States for the death of the country’s second most powerful official.

    Computer systems quickly emerged as potential targets. Christopher C. Krebs, the department’s leader on cybersecurity, made clear on Twitter that the threat went beyond the federal government.

    “Pay close attention to your critical systems,” Mr. Krebs said . “Make sure you’re also watching third party accesses!”

  4. CSGF

    Canadian Security Guards Forum

    Pictures related to our forum and the security industry.
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