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Posts posted by autumngreen40

  1. 5 hours ago, pianogirlone2 said:

    Even @autumngreen40 got bullied by a user on episode forum called forever1201.

    they even deleted her story she had on episode app. 

    Here the picture of episode forum and shanniiwrite forum. Both forum are badly placed. 

    the can’t seem to control the bullying.  This person has issues 




    Yep, I can’t believe she would blame me for her story.  I wonder if she does black magic? 🤔

    that why she evil as evil queen

    5 hours ago, Joseph De Luca said:

    By reporting it and staying on top of it and making the point clear is always best and hopes that

    @pianogirlone2 thank you for your part and doing the right thing by reporting, asking for help

    and at times leaving the areas for those that are not that respectful especially BULLYING I am strongly behind that
    as I was bulled throughout my life not as much anymore 

    True and bullying is never right 

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