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  1. Check out epic game if you like football or otherwise waiting for this Thursday rollercoaster game is free.


    ( now hopefully playing grand theft auto 5 next week)

    which game would you trying below on the epic game.



    1. autumngreen40


      You can still check out epic game Twitter for announcing free game is how I found out. Just every Thursday morning if you are on the east coast side 

    2. Joseph De Luca

      Joseph De Luca

      Roller Coaster Tycoon and hope that it is android friendly and not mobile all these games that come out think your playing on your phones not one game is installed on my android phones I access all games on my chromebook  
       I will have to check out epicgames.com and see if these can be played on my chromebook 

  2. If you want to change up your profile. 



  3. I already send Apple a report on the bullying. Since she used iCloud.
  4. Yep, I can’t believe she would blame me for her story. I wonder if she does black magic? 🤔 that why she evil as evil queen True and bullying is never right
  5. @autumngreen40 has a grand theft auto 5 game and if you wanna to join in the game this August. 
    join the forum https://grand-theft-auto5.freeforums.net/


    free game on epic game every Thursday if you don’t know. 

  6. There are new episode forum that a friend made that aren’t the same as old episode forum.


    feel free to join.




    1. pianogirlone2


      Please join the new forum because they are better than others rule given forum 

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