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  1. Sorry couldn't watch all of it! Was too busy watching 13 going on 30, but caught about 15-20 minutes of the end of it. If i do say so myself, the winning song was quite catchy! Go Germany!

  2. Hi, Nat. Here at PSFC it is surrounded by amazing, safe people who are gauranteed to give you a safe trade! Here you will be recieveing a warm welcome and i can't wait to be trading with you in the future!
    All the best!
    Meganboutique98! x

  3. I'm selling:
    X1 Fortune teller dress
    X1 Elegant gown

    X1 Playfish 2009 holiday gift
    X1 Luminous film strip
    X1 Pink sewing machine
    X1 Treasure chest decor
    X1 Classic bubblegum machine
    X1 Bamboo leaf lamp
    X1 Luminous brooklyn bridge view window
    X1 Pink bicylce
    X1 Golden pot
    X1 Golden harp
    X1 Elegant romantic bed
    X1 Emerald chandelier
    X2 Pink teru teru bozu
    X1 Bright fanoos
    X1 golden balloons arch
    X1 Vinyl record decor
    X1 Emerald green cushion

    Please buy! x
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