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  1. sure dear, f/r accepted processing urs now
  2. sure hun, wil add sum elephant dolls in it issit possible for u to screenshot kasi without de cap hun, jus makin sure how his forehead looks like. thx much
  3. pymt rvcd, thx much hun ur siggy/avie's ready 4 collection, hope u'll like it ^.^ rep added :biggrin: :
  4. np hun waitin for ur f/r now ^.^ Sweety friend request sent already. Can i change yellow to GOLD? thnx!! :roll: sweety f/r accepted no prob but PS is doin mantenance rite now so i'll start makin ur siggy tonite k ^.^ btw, any specific theme for ur siggy hun?
  5. np hun waitin for ur f/r now ^.^
  6. jus copy de link to LINK TO OFF-SITE AVATAR http://img5.imageshack.us/img5/8137/gigisig.png go to ur profile ~ preference & look for 'Always show signature' & tick YES let me know if ur stil havin prob loading de siggy k ^.^
  7. oh dear ya, pymt rcvd wif millionz thx hun! thx sooooooooooooooo much for de lil pink shoe, bibi's jumping all over now check ur FB inbox hun thx again for de pymt + shoe, rep added, mwahhhhhhhh
  8. no prob sweetie wil make a cute one for ya ^.^
  9. ur welcome sweetie... glad u luv de new siggy/avatar :biggrin: : pymt rcvd hun, thx sooooooooooooooooo much! mwahhhhhh
  10. ur welcome hun, i luv jammy in lil yellow bikini too thx much for de MBs, rep added! mwahhhh
  11. hihi mrs.cullen :59: haha... sure dear, not a prob! wil screenshot gigi in a while
  12. haha... she looks ok to me (not too weird) thx 4 de screenshot, processin ur siggy soon
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