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  1. So I thought I would share! Can I use this in the competition?
  2. lol there wasnt a poll for i make her take a shower!
  3. really? i didnt try it i just decorated it. that kind of defeats the purpose of a bar!
  4. iv only gotten one so far i got a tail headband and 2 gloves the tail is adorable its waves all over the place and it has a bell! supa cute!!
  5. i honestly dont even want to find out i have spent sooo much time on this game! when i know i should be doing other things but shhh LOL!
  6. i was sad too. they probably figured the volcano wasnt going to be much of a hit since it doesnt do anything and its so expensive
  7. aww bummer i havent checked my gifts yet blue is way cute than grey.
  8. yeah im pretty unimpressed the last time i paid anything other that 20cc for something was for the tiger. its not cute it doesnt do anything and it takes up half the room and its super expensive its 5 bucks for some pixels! and they arent even pretty pixels!
  9. im almost done with the dino skeleton !
  10. oh sure i was wondering why my little pic wasnt up there anymore lol
  11. lol i think its really cute i love the animated stuff it makes the game more real life. i think it ate too many gummy bears thats why its so hyper and animated LOL
  12. its the happy kitty which is sooo cute!
  13. aww thats so sweet! yall are both super awesome friends!
  14. i know how you feel its like the new items are so awesome until you see the cash items! sigh just try some trade chats and see if you can get some of the things you want but iwouldnt quit just for that and im sure you have made some awesome friends so just keep your head up!
  15. no it doesnt work bc when you get it it connects to the actual server to give you a set. i know sux
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