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  1. Sending you the 5x999 for the festive tree seed! =D
  2. How much for festive tree seed? I need 2.
  3. rubbish....don't mind me I've been sick this past week... Sorry about that...just sent something else.... I received the seeds. Thank you so much for the trade! Sending rep. Edit: I just realized the filter for my first word. made my sentence look weird.
  4. sent you the last 999 item...sorry about that, lol.... ty for the seeds! Adding rep.... @agniukas - Sent over the payment earlier today...just waiting for the seeds.
  5. So I lost count of what I sent...lmao....let me know if I didn't send enough, or send back some if I sent too many... supposed to be 15x999 all together...
  6. Oh my! Thanks so much! As soon as I have the items I'll send them over!
  7. Sounds good! Sending over payment soon...
  8. @agniukas Yes! Though I only need the Love Tree seed now. Let me know how much. @Computron. Thank You so much for the Safe Trade. Adding Rep! @Everyone - I really really need Halloween seeds! Don't really care what the price is. Also look at my shop for anything you might need: Garage Sale!
  9. TerraNeko

    Garage Sale!

    Still selling all this stuff!!
  10. still need more seeds, whatever you can get... lol.... @Computron: Sent payment...
  11. wtb love tree seed....please let me know how much
  12. Sounds good! I'll send something over as payment soon...
  13. Not sure if this shop is still functioning, but I'd love to buy your Halloween Tree Seed
  14. Deal! Sending a friend request!
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