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  1. I can pay 999 3333 and 5999 How about 25*5999 for that both or you want much higher price, please tell me Thank You
  2. Can you give me other rate such as 3333 or 4999 or 5999 I've got a lot of 999 Can it be 6*3333 ,4*4999 or 3*5999 I don't know the price
  3. Pink Candy Waitress Outfit & Pink Candy Waitress Shoes How about 5*5999
  4. Sorry for reply late Recieved Wings and 3*5999 now Thanks for the trade Kivie
  5. I've trade 30*5999 with Kivie for the next week LE wing(I think its about 10 cc) I'm not sure about the price of it,I've sent first because I can play only on the weekend now so I can't trade in the Wednesday I post this to make sure that this trade is safe
  6. Never mind for that It's the safe way to recieved the payment first before sent the item,I know about that and I'm understand you:lol: I'll looking for next week limited
  7. Yes I can offer in 3333 or 4999
  8. Pommy, could you please not to talk about prices of unreleased items? Those can only be obtained by hacking (I don't mean you hacked, but the page where you see them maybe have obtained them in that way) Oh sorry for that Ursula I don't know about that.
  9. TV recieved Thanks kiviern
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