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  1. I already sent 6*5999 to you. Please check your door. Thank you so much. okay f/r accepted .. but tell me how much ur welling to pay please oh i must've mixed up the names :S sorry i dont have love tree seed .. how many 999's do u want me to return ?
  2. Total 32*999 = 5*5999+2*999. but I' ll send payment items 6*5999. Are you ok? Thank you so much.
  3. Can I buy this total items, please? Can I pay 5999? Thank you so much. I added your facebook. If you'll receive, I' ll send payment total items.
  4. I am looking for the Pets in Love Water Globe and Louis XIV Crown. 3*5999 for each. thank you so much. and
  5. I already 2*999 with free gift to you. thank you so much.
  6. Can I please buy the and. Total 2*999. I added your facebook. if you'll receive, I'll send 2*999 to you. thank you so much.
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