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Chloe Eva

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  1. Dear Pedja, I am currently creating my halloween stuff room, I really hope that you are putting some halloween stuffs up for sale. Thanks.
  2. Can't wait for your big sales, looking forward to it Pedja.
  3. I can do it for 70*5999 if you still need It. Thanks.
  4. Chloe Eva

    Closed - Sold

    No, I do not have any Evil Sea Witch Bundle left. Thanks.
  5. Chloe Eva

    Closed - Sold

    it is 7*5999. Thanks.
  6. Chloe Eva

    Closed - Sold

    Dear All, I have 1 King Of The Sea Bundle for sale at 7x5999. Please let me know if you are interested. Thanks.
  7. Dear All, thanks for your kindness, I had suggested to my friends that I will pay them using the Regal Carriage and by now, they seems to agree. If I need your help somemore to sell me the rare digging items then I will post again. Thank you so much for all the helps. I really appreciate that.
  8. Dear Tiddly Winks, I just sent the Trini Crab Bundle to you, thanks for willing to swap the bundle with me.
  9. Chloe Eva


    Dear Lily, all items received and I already send the Evil Sea Witch Bundle, thank you so much
  10. Chloe Eva


    Ok, f/r sent, once I received payment I wiil send the Evil Sea Witch bundle. Thanks for your help, I really need yellow coins at the moment, you are angel to me.
  11. Chloe Eva


    I have a Evil Sea Witch Bundle for sale, I saw the other forum selling at 99x5999 (sounds crazy, but there is people buying) . My price is 1 x Evil Sea Witch Bundle - 50x5999 Wish me good luck, I really need yellow coins so I can repay my friends the rare items I lost.
  12. Can I swap my crab bundle with your fuschia mermaid bundle please. Thanks.
  13. Dear all, I am really heart broken, I lost all of my rare items on 3rd March 2011 (Thursday) during transfering to another account, I was shocked when I found out all my rare items were not in that account where they supposed to. I started to panic, I log in and out to Pet Society many many many times to hope that my items will appear again, but unfortunately it is like just disappearing in the air. I don't know how to explain to you all how heart broken it is when all of your collections just gone in a sudden....... I log a complaint to playfish immediately after that, they replied to me the next day, telling me to update my flash and so on, but it doesn't help, I really really want my rare items back, I wrote to them again, that technical guy said he can't help, he will pass my case to another department, after 2 days, I received an email asking again all my details, how many items I lost and so on (I actually did provide all the info in my first email to them) I replied to them immediately. For that whole week I hardly sleep, keep on thinking whether they will give me back my rare items........ On 16 March 2011, when I log in to Pet Society, I saw a money bag in my account, Pet Society compensate me with some yellow coins, it is equal to 773 yellow coins to 1 rare items......... I don't know what to say, they admit that their system got problem on that day but they said that is the maximum they can give. I told them I don't want the money, I need my rare items back but they said they can't help..... I am so so so dissapointed with this solution ............ Dear friends who is spending a lot of time everyday playing Pet Society like me, can I buy from you guys and girls some rare items at a reasonable price as now I have 0 rare items, I really really really appreciate your help. Thanks a lot for reading this long story. ****** I actually post this in the Pet Society Chat forum but some kind souls suggest that I post it here to see anyone can help. It is not that I don't want to list all the items down, but it is a lot, 97 of rare items, the rare items were not only my one, but also 5 of my other friends, that is why got so many, and I promise that I will give them back their rare items as I am the one who lost it. I don't know how to dig back so many to pay them that is why I would like to buy from you all, and it is very expensive I know, so I beg you all selling to me at e reasonable price. I really cannot sleep at night as the items belong to others also... . Ok, the following is the rare items I lost on around 10pm 3 March 2011, I know there is no way I can buy back all of them but I am trying my very best to pay back my friends, thanks for reading again. Forest Aquarium - 46 units Magic Forest Lute - 10 units Sacred Cat Statue - 6 units Magic Mermaid Dress - 15 units Winter Fairy Wings - 10 units Magic Pixie Wings - 10 units And on 16 March I received 75,000 yellow coins as compensation to my loss but I don't want the money, I want my rare items back. I really don't what to say already.
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