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  1. hey im still welcoming new friends if you want to be my lil jokers friend then invite and we will accept ok well have fun everyone and welcome to pet society
  2. hi im still somewhat new to psfc but if anyone is new themselves and are looking for friends i would love to become your friend and my lil joker would as well so you can find me on face book send me an invite but add a message letting me know its for psfc cuz ive been getting way to many requests for farmville lol so yeah i welcome you to psfc and i hope you have as much fun as i do and just know everyone here is very friendly and very helpful im honored to have made frinds with 2 very nice girls on here or should i say women i dont want to offend anyone by calling them girls i know there are people out there who get very offended being called a girl so yeah anyway the 2 im talking about i hope they know who they are beause of the one i started playing this game and because of the other im now involved in the forum lol oh im rambling on ok ok welcome to psfc and your more than welcome to friend me
  3. hi any of you new friends can firend me if you like and welcome to pet society lets let our pets become friends please send me invites but leave a message with it letting me know its for psfc thank you and welcome again
  4. thank you both that was so very kind again thank you and i hope to be here for some time to come
  5. just wanted to say hi im new to the psfc forum and look forward to many new things and friends to come
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