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  1. Just sell it Its still an adult
  2. When I logged in today I saw my cat sleeping it looks adorable don't you think. I will get the picture soon.
  3. Hi I'm Mousie and I am here to introduce myself. I have loads of petlings more than expected. I'm sure you will find our article quite interesting. This is me Mousie and my brother Mousie. Together we have 36 petlings and only 1 kind because I don't want to lose money. My brother is in the pictures too. He dosen't have the wig. All my cats have peoples names that I know except I, L, KK , and Poo Poo. Poo Poo's ears are ugly. I've been trying to sell a few cats but I can't decide. My cats in my first account are in the picture above. This is my kitten Katie. She's been with me the longest and was my first pet and cat ever. She has aqua eyes. She's friendly and nice and she is best friends with purple Katie. I'll show you that later on. After that I brought another friend home. SAY HELLO TO Remy. She has brown eyes. I have 5 Katie's and 1 Kat. That's Remy. At first they didn't like each other but soon they became friends. She's black and so as her best friend too Remy. She's the first to have a different type of eye because yellow and aqua are the same type. She's also the first to have shoes on her feet unlike purple Katie. I have 3 Remy's. That's Jordan. She is the first yellow eye cat to not have shoes. She first came out pink. She has a great relationship with the yellow Katie. She also has a great relationship with beige Jordan and pink Jordan. I have 3 Jordan's Maddy, one of Katie's best friends and is my only blue cat despite Katie whom I turned purple. She is friends with Katie and Jordan. Katie my fifth kitten is like Jordan in 2 ways but unlike her in 4 ways. She loves beige Jordan and Maddy more than any of her friends. She first came out white and is the 3rd cat with shoes on. It's my third worst kitten, Poo Poo. His ears are ugly and I don't like his eyes. He is very nice but he dosen't have any friends, only I and L. I've been trying to sell him. Kevin, the cutest cat in the world is my favorite. He is the second with aqua eyes. I will never sell him NEVER. He is too cute. He loves all of his friends even KK and round face Kevin. His best friend is Nicolas. He never seems to sleep. He is the cat that likes to go to me a lot. He looks exactly like Kat. I have 4 Kevin's and a Kev. My 8th cat L only has 3 friends. I like him in black better than orange because of Remy. He was the first cat to instant grow with my potions but I ran out. Round face Kevin has a striped tail. He is my 5th favorite cat. His best friend is KK. I still think he's cute. He is one of my 3 cats to have this face. Jordan, pink, round, ugly is the 2nd cat that I want to sell. But I don't want to sell her cause she will be missed by her other friends. Lucky. Kevin, who likes to sleep. He loves Jeff and my favorite Kevin because of similarities. He is a very gentle nice kitten. He is somewhat jumpy and sad. It's Remy. Dosen't she look like Remy? She quickly became friends with Remy 5 seconds after they met. The 6th cat to have shoes. It's KK. He's really aggressive. He walks a lot and sleeps but fails. He looks mad when he fails, depending which way he looked when he slept. When the petling is mad, it won't turn it's face only eyes when you move the mouse. You can roll it's eyes like that. You can't roll the brown eyes though. I know a bunch of glitches about petlings since I do them all the time. He looks like West(nickname of Westin) and Kevin (in brother account). He has everything in common with West except tails. That's my 3rd Katie. I named it Katie because it looked like my 1st one. It first came out blue. My sister told me to change it to purple. My sister wants me to change the orange cat to purple so they look the same but they're not. Kevin who only has 10 friends, is cute but shy. The only reason I don't like him because of his eyes. They look weird. This is Jeff. He first came out light brown. I didn't know what he looks like because I went to Hawaii so I let my friend name him that and take care of him. He loves to sleep and cares deeply for his friends. I, shy cute, nice, few friends. He loves L. He treats him as his brother. He is the only brown eyed cat to not have shoes. It's Katie, my 18th cat. She is brown and looks like Kevin(my favorite) and likes to jump. Her best friend is Maddy. She likes pink Jordan too. My 19th kitten is Jordan. She has a great relationship with Jordan(beige). They are the only 2 cats to have this tail. If you see another it probably has a spot on the back. Ah, the last cat in my first account Nicolas . He became friends with all the cats in my bed right when they met. I don't like his ears though. His best friend is Kevin. My 2nd account petlings are above. Katie, cute, brown, furry, shoes. She was the only girl until I got Kat and Remy. She loves Kat(who looks exactly like my 1st Kevin). She first was blue. She dos not like Westin. Kevin, is cute, looks like KK and is friends with Omar, Josh, Westin, Nicolas, and Kev. He used to be my favorite until I got Kev, now he remains second. I named him Nicolas because he kinda looked like the one in my first account. He's the same color as Westin and hes the same tail as Westin. He likes Kevin and Kev. Westin my 4th cat in my 2nd account looks like Josh,the only difference is tail, just like 3rd Jordan and 2nd Katie. I'm not counting their colors. Doesn't he look cute when daydreaming?
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