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  1. I still play it regularly, I have been looking for some people to add so Duke wouldn't get lonely. I'd love to add you guys!
  2. Uh.. Hello! I'm a part of the official Pet Society forum (with the same username), I found this site while searching a few of my favorite apps. I have to admit I honestly can't write or talk about myself.. But I hope to meet some awesome people here! This is my pet. I'm better at talking about him rather than myself, haha. Oinksalot is a 25 year-old pig that works as a journalist. He is a talented writer and very work-oriented, but sadly living in a town (or Society?) that is so peaceful; he rarely gets any good cases. He might be what you call an “Intrepid Reporter”. Which is journalist who goes out and find stories rather than them coming to him. Oinksalot is rather.. Infamous among the Society. He is confident and observant, but very, VERY angry. His impulsiveness often gets him into mishaps that he would rather not be associated with, these events also makes him meet some pretty odd pets. Oinks is currently in a relationship with a cat named Akahana. He also has a petling cat named Sassy; she’s the closest thing he has to a friend.
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