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  1. ALL 9 REG. HUNTS HAS BEEN TRADED....Thanks everyone for looking
  2. WILL TRADE ALL 9 Reg. Hunts FOR ONE '08 supers or TWO fastbacks or what is fair.[/b]
  3. 9 Reg HUNTS to trade for ONE SUPER'08 [i]"OR"[/i] TWO FASTBACKS
  4. WILL TRADE ALL 9 Reg. Hunts [b]FOR ONE '08 supers or two fastbacks or what is fair.[/b] Please email me at adzone2000@gmail.com Thanks for looking
  5. original from HW then CChoro come in the scene
  6. Fadli85 > yes i can remember that....i still see that around Coolman >7 years back but still can find...with retro eyes
  7. this was some time back 7 yrs back it was a short run...has the batman but i didnt buy it...just bought this for custom...
  8. this was before the moster jams....
  9. yap!retro cars...retro price
  10. ...bro i bought 3...boneshaker bought 12...thunderhawk bought 11....habis lol...if got we some more will definetely buy and put up for trade
  11. of course have early dinner before seeing the fire flys..
  12. ....see fire flys...lo
  13. bro tons of works ...we went to kuala selangor and drop by the town walkin walking and saw the retro hotwheels in the kedai runcit
  14. either boneshaker or thunder hawk bought the twin MILL....
  15. just kidding...took a cruise and ask boneshaker and thunderhawk to come along to a very secluded place at the end of malaysia. They will show some haul they bought
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