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  1. If people want to buy then I sale lah, if no one want to buy, then I keep for myself lah, these items no need feeding, so would not be a burden.
  2. Item sent to Singapore, BIG THANKS to bro Enyo for helping me dealing with this bulky item. My father make it into half cut Factory Sealed to avoid custom, Thanks Dad The original box The Half Cut Package Factory Sealed 2011 Two boxes still left in Singapore and will come with my sister this Friday.
  3. f11k11n

    Today Haul

    After watching The Avengers, went to the Hypermarket. Many hot items were at the peg, Honda 2000, BMW Z4, Mazda RX7, but almost all were attached with security tag, and I managed to grab some without security tag, Thunt Ferrari was safe because there's nothing at the car can be attached with the security tag
  4. f11k11n

    Haul From Ebay

    No lar bro, cheap cheap only, around RM500 for those 2 cases
  5. Will Be at Amcorp again on 27 May 2012 PM me for price Drag Bus can be purchased in set or individual, Batmobile sell in set Gold and Chrome with chromed interior, Front and Rear Redline Real Riders Stock 5 set Silver, Bronze, Dark Gold with chromed interior, Front and Rear Redline Real Riders Stock 4 set Zamac casting with chromed interior, Front and Rear Redline Real Riders Stock 10 pcs Loose Batmobile from Oil Can Series with GOLD RIM Real Riders, condition 98% mint and without the windshield Stock 4 set
  6. f11k11n

    FFK Stories

    I just got FFk by a boy who ask me to help him to bought 2 Superized Thunt from Jakarta fellow priced at RM190 which he AGREED to pay the seller during our chat at NOVEMBER 2011. He said he will pay me when I visit KL on JANUARY 2012. At 1st I agreed to pay in advance for his items because I believe that collector will never FFk among collector, but 3 days later I found the item he needs, rather than selling to ebay, I offer him the items at the same price he willing to pay to Jakarta Seller so I can save time to deal with Jakarta seller and at that time he AGREED to pay me the items in January when I visit KL. Beginning of January I told me I will be at KL at middle of January, he ask me to POSTPONE the transaction until he got money from Chinese New Year Ang Pao and I agree with him. POSTPONE IS NOT CANCELLING THE DEAL. At this time, I told him I can take the payment in my next trip to KL. Around March he told me he want to CANCEL the transaction, I said NO, A DEAL is A DEAL. I told him maybe around August I'll be at KL again and he said by August he will have the money to pay the items. I said OK. But today I just realized that I got a ticket to KL which I bought 1 year ago dated 26 May and I told him I'll be at KL on 26 May, so please prepare the money to pay the item. I told him in advance so he can prepare the money in 1 month time. During our chat he insist to cancel the deal by saying "i'm really sorry bro, juz a student only lah not working yet so u can expect me to have so much money". If you don't want to buy the items, should let me know earlier when the item is still fresh, so it can get some value at ebay. Today that item price at ebay is not the same as the price at ebay 4 months ago. You should bare in your minds that it's against business ethic when you said deal and want to cancel it. We Chinese race put highest value on TRUST, once you lost the trust, there's no more business with you. Zede Kiah Lee : Your Trust Level is 0 already. This is my 2nd FFK case dealing with Malaysia Collectors, 1st case is settle by his friend, not himself because he RUN AWAY. Some fellow in this group and the forum must know how the story goes on.
  7. f11k11n

    Today Haul

    Finally, MOTU series reach Medan.... Got some basic card The best is got 15% discount, save me RM50++
  8. wow wow wow....... can't stop my saliva lah.... slurp...............
  9. Got 2 packages today Inside damaged package 2nd package
  10. f11k11n

    Package Again

    Receiving package again today, my credit card bill will burn my wallet later.... What's funny is 1 of my package was missent to Malaysia, and it got stamped by Kustom Diraja before being released and resend to Indonesia Missending Package Inside the missending package 2nd Package The Book
  11. f11k11n

    Today Package

    Two package arrived today, One from Ebay, One from Local Local Package Ebay Package
  12. f11k11n

    Old & New Haul

    Happy New Year Too, bro, sorry forgot to told you the package already arrived.
  13. f11k11n

    Old & New Haul

    Got Packages from Post Office Today 2 From Ebay, 1 From Sinclair HAPPY NEW YEAR
  14. yes, online from HWC site
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