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  1. Hi, currently now hv trader offer me tat mini rally for trading. Do u hv others casting on my wanted list can b trade? Thx
  2. trading update, missed few waved in market, looking for some wanted & missing cars ~ HW 2013 Honda S2000 (dark blue/yellow rim) ~ HW 2013 Toyota Supra F&F (orange) ~ HW 2013 Datsun 240z (white) ~ HW 2013 Lotus Evora GT4 (green) looking for HW retro Ghostbuster Ecto-1 as well, carded or loose. plz offer me or multiple item ifor trade can be discussed on PM i might be late to reply any PM or quote in this thread, but i wil try my best to reply ASAP. my deepest apologize for any inconvenience caused. good day & happy hunting guys, cheers
  3. hi there, do u mean black Dodge challenger? yup both item still available thx
  4. hi there, sorry for very late reply most of the item in your trade list i already have, do u hv others item for trading thanks
  5. hi, wat u looking for trade? by the way, may i knw which casting GTR R36 u talking abt? thx
  6. wow, nice collection u have. so does the GTR R34 & 350z is the latest 2013 carded? by the way wat u want to trade frm me? more detail plz PM me. thx
  7. hi guys, i looking for HW 2013 350z white, '12 Mini Countryman Rally & regular HW 2012 '09 Ford Focus RS. anyone hv extra & willing to trade do PM me ya. will update more item for trade soon. thx a lot for support happy hunting!
  8. thx bro. & oso thx to your frenz who help us complete our trade
  9. hi guys, im looking for Ken block white & MBX civic green as well, if hv any extra for trading do PM me ya, many thx
  10. ok, so anything u want to trade frm my list?
  11. more additional item for trading. thx for viewing
  12. i prefer trade, but u can drop me PM wat u looking for c either i can help u or not. cheers
  13. thx again for the member here who trade wit me, many thx trade update, looking for HW The Bat. yea, i knw it not release yet in our local market. jz in case if any member here get tat in 1st hand wit extra tat willing to trade will be deeply appreciate happy hunting...
  14. i still have a red s2000 the card but i alrd open it, u mind? wana find megane trophy~ wow, another female collector. hapi hunting
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