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  1. i know bro.. i've already stated in the beginning.. Thanks for the info.
  2. i just double check the base.. there is another Base, D28 which have black painted rivet on the Right side. check it out.
  3. Well.. for the A Team Van.. there's quite a few variants on base.. D25, D26, D27, D28 & D30 so far.. check it out. Oh yeah.. and all base has black painted rivet on the left side accept for base D27, which has base rivet painted on the RIGHT SIDE!
  4. just found out about this error.. Ferrari 458 Italia White WITHOUT the name on base! and also the variants for the card.. both are US Card. check it out. And the base so far got these 3 numbers - D30, D34 & D38
  5. thanks man... being crazy about bmw lately.. congrats on your winning the competition.. sure will win 1st prize one day.. keep working harder ya...
  6. haha.. year end ma.. before 2011 ends.. 2012 main line already started.. how many have you completed eh.. never ending list.. tiam..
  7. its not mine, brother.. its gonna find a good owner and treat her right yeah..
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