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  1. Yes my friends, it may seem unbelievable, but its true, trust me pal, its a damn good deal. But it is a sad thing that i could'nt find the 2008 Viper ACR which is classified under the 2010 HW Premiere for my brother.
  2. Hey friends, I currently reside in singapore and just returned from a trip from Kuala Lumpur - Malaysia. I went to MidValley and bought the ferrari F2008 Felipe Massa & Kimi Kaikkonen F1 cars EACH FOR JUST RM5 At Carrefour which is located at the basement of Midvalley Megamall Kuala Lumpur. For Just RM5 per car it is a damn good deal. Other departmental stores such as Jusco, Metrojaya and Toys R' Us sell it at RM19.90 EACH. So while stocks last, catch this damn good deal @ Carrefour Midvalley megamall for JUST RM5
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